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HomenewsRicky Martin's Lawyer Calls a New Sexual Assault Claim 'unrealistic'

Ricky Martin’s Lawyer Calls a New Sexual Assault Claim ‘unrealistic’

Ricky Martin faces a second sexual assault accusation. Martin, 50, sued his nephew over fraudulent sexual abuse claims.

The latest case was filed Friday, September 9, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to the Associated Press. The agency stated that Martin’s nephew filed the complaint. Lawyer José Andréu-Fuentes denies the charges.

“These statements are disrespectful and untrue.” When this individual made identical charges, his court case was abandoned because he testified under oath that Ricky Martin had never assaulted him, Andréu-Fuentes told Deadline.

After being sued for extorting Mr. Martin, he’s spreading lies again, the lawyer said. It’s time for the media to stop giving this unstable man prominence and let him seek help.
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The lawyer said, “Now he is trying to propagate his lies again after being sued for trying to extort Mr. Martin. It is past time for the media to stop feeding this gravely damaged person oxygen through notoriety and to allow him to receive the assistance he so obviously requires.

Ricky Martin

Martin filed a lawsuit against his 21-year-old nephew for divulging private information, including his mobile number and Instagram posts, which ultimately cost him $20 million in lost business. Martin and his aides swiftly rejected Dennis’ allegations of incest, asserting that the other party is only making them for publicity.
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However, a fresh sexual assault charge has been brought against Martin and his friends. It is clear from Andréu-Fuentes’ most recent statement that Martin has previously denied the recently discovered claims that are harming his commercial dealings.


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