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Prodigal Son Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler, and is It Renewed or Canceled?

It has been a long time since people have questioned whether the popular drama series Prodigal Son will ever return for another season or be canceled. Few updates regarding the Prodigal Son have been circulating on the Internet; therefore, you can determine whether the drama series Prodigal Son will be renewed or canceled by reading this article to the end.

Overview of Prodigal Son Season 3

Please read the following basic information before proceeding with this topic. Perhaps it will be useful to you.

Season Prodigal Son
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episode 33 (Season 1 – 2)
Status Season 3 (Upcoming)
Writer Chris Fedak, Sam Sklaver
Director Adam Kane, Chris Grismer
Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller
Tom Payne, Halston Sage, Frank Harts
Fox Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
Producer(S) Greg Berlanti, Chris Fedak
Music Nathaniel Blume
Country of Origin United States
Origin Language English
Available Languages English
First Episode Aired 4 Oct. 2019 (S01 EP 01)
Last Episode Aired 30 Apr. 2020 (S01 EP 44)
Next Season Release Date NA
Available On HBO Max

What is the Prodigal Son’s Story About?

Another popular crime series that debuted on September 23, 2019, is Prodigal Son. The series follows the life of the main character, Malcom Bright, who is the son of the infamous serial killer known as ‘Surgeon.’

Malcolm Bright assisted the police in the arrest of his father when he was younger, and he later joined the FBI and worked for the NYPD. Later, another serial killer appears, employing the same technique as his father. Malcolm Bright is now in a position to confront his father once more. Simultaneously, he must solve the case by fighting his battles.

3rd Season of Prodigal Son Spoilers

Even though the third season of Prodigal Son has yet to be announced. As a result, the spoiler role is no longer required at this time. Please stay in touch with us because we will post any new information on this subject as soon as we receive it.

What to Expect in Season 3 of Prodigal Son

The third season of the well-liked television show Prodigal Son will soon be available, and viewers are eager to find out what intriguing crime stories will be featured in it. They also want the return of the series’ favorite characters.

More than a year has passed since the conclusion of season 2, but there has been no official announcement of the renewal of Prodigal Son season 3. As a result, we must wait a few days to learn the official renewal of Prodigal Son season 3, and once the series is officially renewed, we will receive some updates about the plot and the cast of Prodigal Son season 3.

What is the Status of Prodigal Son Season 3 Renewal?

The third season of Prodigal Son has not yet been officially renewed, but the third season of Prodigal Son: Return of a Warrior can be expected in early 2023 if the series is renewed. There is a lot to think about in the background of the process. We will keep you updated as soon as we learn more about its second season.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date

Prodigal Son Season 3 is supposed to start airing sometime in 2023, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Since its debut in 2019, Prodigal Son has quickly risen to become one of the most watched television series.

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Cast and Crew of Prodigal Son Season Three

Prodigal Son season 3 has not yet been officially confirmed, so there is no accurate information on the cast members. However, if Prodigal Son does air, there is a good chance that the main star cast will return for season 3.

Along with Tom Payne portraying Malcolm Bright, Lou Diamond Phillips portraying Gil Arroyo, Halston Sage portraying Ainsley Whitly, and Aurora Perrineau portraying Dani Powell, we will also see them.

Cast and Crew of Prodigal Son Season Three

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Rating and Review for Prodigal Son Season 3


Everyone evaluates a show based on its rating. The ratings are usually the most accurate indicator of a show’s chances of remaining on the air. The better the chances of survival, the higher the ratings. The show has a good rating of 7.7/10 on IMDb, and an 86% average audience rating on Rotten tomatoes.


Every television show seems to be about law enforcement, attorneys, or medical professionals, and many of these programs quickly become repetitive and uninteresting. I admire the show’s determination to stay true to its roots.

It’s both depressing and intriguing. The plot is quite intriguing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the acting improves as the show progresses. I find it amusing to watch the father and Malcom interact.

Updated Trailer for Prodigal Son Season 3

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmed return, so there will be no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even begun, and it appears that it will take some time.

But keep an eye on this space because we promise to keep you updated as soon as we learn anything.


The popular crime series Prodigal Son has already been canceled by the production studio, and there will be no third season of Prodigal Son, but fans of Prodigal Son are demanding that season 3 be renewed due to public demand. There are few chances of the series returning.

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