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Gwyneth Paltrow on Turning 50: “We Cease Being What Others Want”

Gwyneth Paltrow was 20 or 30 years old when she tried to envision what she would be doing when she was 50 years old. The response she gave was, “I don’t think I thought about it.” “I believed that once you reach the age of fifty, you were finished with life!”

Paltrow, who will certainly be 50 later this week, is already well into her second life, despite the fact that she is obviously not yet dead. She started the lifestyle brand Goop and serves as its CEO today. It includes a website, a number of television shows, and a large number of items, all of which are designed to make you feel and look better.

Paltrow was reared in Santa Monica, California, by her mother, the actress Blythe Danner, and her father, the producer and director Bruce Paltrow. The flagship store for Goop is located in Santa Monica.

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Paltrow first realized she wanted to be an actress when she was a child and saw her mother perform. And success came quickly; at the age of 26, she was awarded the Academy Award for best actress for her performance in the film “Shakespeare in Love.”

Paltrow shared her thoughts with correspondent Tracy Smith, saying, “It’s strange when I think about that now.” “At the time, I had the misconception that I was a fully grown adult, know what I mean?”

“What changes did you notice in your thinking as a result of that?”

Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress and the CEO of the company Goop.

In what specific way? “You know, to achieve that sort of, like, the pinnacle at that age and to have that much scrutiny and attention, and then after that, it’s like, no matter what you do after that, you can’t really win, is that right? It seems as though you have a few years ahead of you during which nothing will be able to live up to that. Simply put, it’s a lot of weight to carry.”

She maintained her role as a leading lady during the following decade, appearing in films such as “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” and “Iron Man.” However, the sudden passing of her father in 2002 led her along a different road.

Smith inquired, “At what point did you first become concerned with your health?” When questioned further, Paltrow responded, “I’ll tell you exactly: When my father got cancer.” “And there was a time when I was assisting him in feeding him through a feeding tube and syringe. And the thought occurred to me, “What exactly am I injecting directly into his stomach that is contained in this can?” It was the first time that I noticed the connection between the things I eat and my overall health. I’ll never forget that moment.”

She began conducting research and publishing what she had discovered, which led to the creation of the website known as Goop [her initials plus two Os, as she had read that the names of successful online enterprises include double Os].

It has been estimated that the corporation is currently worth $250 million today. In addition to that, it is a contentious issue. Some medical professionals and researchers have criticized Paltrow and her website, Goop, for promoting practices and goods that lack sufficient evidence to support their claims.


Smith posed the following question to the speaker: “What do you say to folks who allege that you are spreading pseudoscience?”

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Paltrow stated, “I truly don’t understand where that comes from because we don’t do that.” “That is something we have never done. I mean, especially when we started, there were so many modalities and ways of achieving wellness that had no scientific backing, but that have worked in India for thousands of years or worked in China. I think what I’m trying to say is that there were so many modalities and ways that we could achieve wellness. Therefore, I believe it was an attempt to poke fun at us in some way. But there’s nothing that we discuss here that even comes close to being that out there.”

Smith remarked, “Does it seem like some of it is a little out there?”

“Okay, like what?” Could it be the egg?”

Goop used to claim that inserting a vaginally placed jade egg, which cost $66 at the time, could tighten the pelvic floor and control hormones. In 2018, they reached a settlement with the California medical task force that investigated them for making false claims, and the case was settled for $145,000. They did not admit that they had done anything improper, but they did issue complete refunds and modify the product description. In addition to that, they continue to sell the egg via the internet.

According to Paltrow, “There is an entire market devoted to exercises that aim to strengthen your pelvic floor. Simply put, we arrived too early!”

She stated that both she and Goop are frequently misinterpreted due to the fact that they are ahead of their time: “When we would discuss a certain topic, the internet would go into a frenzy. After that, you know, it would be generally embraced either six months or two years afterward.”

She gave the following instance as an example: “the gluten-free way of life… People had the impression that you were really insane.”

Smith questioned, “Where in the world were people like, ‘Oh, that Gwyneth’?” at the time.

“Yeah, this crazy female talking about, you know, going gluten-free, or getting a great divorce,” said the other person.

That’s right, the divorce. In 2014, when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, a musician, revealed that they were “consciously uncoupling,” many people’s eyes rolled. But despite this, they have managed to maintain a strong friendship while co-parenting their two children.

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Smith inquired, “Despite the fact that many individuals stated, ‘Oh, conscious uncoupling, you guys actually did figure it out.'”

“I suppose we did. I believe that we did, “According to Paltrow. “In addition, he is an integral part of my family, I adore him, and he would sacrifice anything for me. I would go to great lengths to help him. We would sacrifice everything for the sake of our children. Our intention was, and still is, for the divorce to have as little of a negative impact as possible on our children.”

With her new husband, television producer Brad Falchuk, and his two children, Gwyneth Paltrow now has a blended family. Her oldest, Apple, just left for college.


How did you find that? “Oh wow. I am fully aware that you are going to think that I am crazy, but it feels almost as life-changing as giving birth “According to Paltrow.

And as she nears yet another achievement, Gwyneth Paltrow appears to be doing well in her ability to deal with the pressure: “When you turn 50 as a woman, you possibly give yourself permission to be exactly who you are. This could be true for all of us. And we stop striving to be what other people are anticipating we will be, and at that point, you can sort of exhaling into this other thing.” Smith questioned the individual, “Have you given yourself permission to be who you are?”

She exclaimed in agreement, “Yes!” “But it’s taken me time.”


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