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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsOwing to a Battery Fire Recall, the Delivery of Metro's First Electric...

Owing to a Battery Fire Recall, the Delivery of Metro’s First Electric Bus Has Been Delayed; Dash Buses Are Also Affected

Due to a recall following a bus fire in Connecticut, Metro’s first electric buses were supposed to arrive in February. Four Alexandria DASH buses were also removed.

Liquid coolant in a battery location caused an electrical short and fire in CTtransit’s 2021 New Flyer Xcelsior (XE) electric bus in July. The charged bus wouldn’t start. A maintenance area back compartment started smoking before 4 a.m.

It burned three hours after workers took it outside. The fire smoldering for two days was difficult to extinguish. The NTSB said battery fires are difficult to extinguish.

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According to Connecticut Public Radio, two maintenance workers were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

The NTSB released bus before and after images.

A second bus started smoking in January and investigators detected liquid in two more buses, prompting the recall in mid-February. New Flyer reports 220 fielded buses affected.

Owners should verify battery packs before use while the firm works on a fix. If the liquid is found, park the bus outdoors and away from structures. New Flyer provided instructions for “safe operation while we identify a full solution… in a timely manner.”

Metro stated, “Although the delivery of our two new New Flyer buses is delayed while a remedy for the current battery recall is developed, we remain committed to our sustainability efforts and plans to transition our fleet, including the installation of charging infrastructure and evaluation of buses from Nova Bus, which are expected to be delivered in 2024.”

New Flyer says its electric buses are “designed, built, innovated, and thoroughly tested to be among the safest vehicles in North America, and the most reliable form of public transit in communities” and have logged 20 million miles. We believe this recall will improve our safety performance and benefit our customers and riders.

Metro’s bus delivery timeline was unknown.

The DASH bus system in Alexandria, Virginia, has taken four 60-foot buses out of operation until further notice.

“Of the fourteen battery electric buses now in service, the four newest are affected by this recall,” DASH Director of Planning and Marketing Martin Barna wrote in an email.

“DASH promptly removed the impacted buses from service and is working closely with the manufacturer to create a compliant inspection and monitoring procedure.

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DASH checks bus performance daily to guarantee safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Barna says DASH is delighted with its electric bus program and has only experienced “minor problems stemming from operable range, charging infrastructure, and significant battery depletion in the cold months owing to heating the passenger areas.”

“I apologize for the impacts of this issue, but please know we are committed to finding a repair in as quick a manner as possible and ultimately ensuring you the safest and best quality vehicle,” a New Flyer spokesperson wrote to transportation agencies.

The business called the recall unacceptable, but “the industry continues to learn and adopt this new technology.”

Metro will receive five Nova electric buses by year’s end. Five more New Flyer buses are ordered, but their delays are unknown. By year’s end, Metro should have 12 electric buses. Environmental groups argue 2045 is too late for the transit agency to switch to electric vehicles.

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WMATA is dealing with infrastructural, electricity, and car shortages.

Montgomery County’s Ride On, D.C.’s Circulator, and Alexandria’s DASH employ Proterra electric buses without difficulties.

Montgomery County’s transportation department’s Maricela Cordova says the county’s initial four Proterra buses were successful and is ordering 10 Gillig electric buses before requesting 100.

“Mileage range is still the major significant barrier with battery electric buses as they have limited ranges and around half of our Ride On service routes are longer than the range we can serve,” Cordova added.

First hydrogen fuel cell project. Hydrogen-fueled buses are electric and zero-emission vehicles with longer mileage ranges, so as we obtain additional electric buses, we expect the County’s zero-emissions regional effect to grow and we’ll be able to service more towns with green cars.”

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According to Autoweek, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported 1529.9 gasoline car fires per 100,000 sales and 25.1 electric vehicle fires per 100,000 sales. In April 2022, reported 18 electric bus fires, including one in Frederick County, Maryland in 2016.

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