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HomenewsOver Five Ounces of Fentanyl Leads to an Initial Arrest in Morristown,...

Over Five Ounces of Fentanyl Leads to an Initial Arrest in Morristown, New Jersey.

In Morristown, nearly five ounces of fentanyl and heroin were found in a distribution-ready state.

First-degree narcotics distribution of more than five ounces of heroin combined with fentanyl was arrested in Morristown, New Jersey, on January 6, 2023, according to Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll and Chief of Detectives Christoph Kimker.

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Newark, New Jersey native Jimmy Taveras-Rodriguez, 26, was arrested and accused.

  • Crime of the first degree: distribution of heroin in an amount of five ounces or more in violation of 2C:35-5a(1)b(1).
  • Distribution of heroin in an amount of five ounces or more in violation of New Jersey statutes 2C:5-2a(1)/2C:35-5a(1)b(1), a crime of the second degree.
  • Distribution of cocaine in an amount over five ounces, a crime of the second degree under New Jersey statutes 2C:5-2a(1)/2C:35-5a(1)b(1).
  • Acting in furtherance of a felony of the third degree, specifically, possession of heroin in violation of New Jersey statute 2C:35-10a(1).
  • Assembling Imitation CDS with the Intent to Distribute Them is a Third Degree Felony under New Jersey Statute 2C:35-11a.
  • Imitation CDS distribution is a third-degree offense in New Jersey under state law (N.J.S. 2C:35-11a).

For his initial court appearance in Superior Court, Jimmy Taveras-Rodriguez was imprisoned at the Morris County Correctional Facility.

Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Special Operations Division, Town of Boonton Police Department, Dover Police Department, Morris County Sheriff’s Office, Morris County Department of Law & Public Safety, Morristown Bureau of Police, Randolph Police Department, and Roxbury Police Department are all grateful to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office for their support and dedication to the Task Force.

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The Special Enforcement Unit of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is in charge of the investigation and prosecution.

Criminal charges are nothing more than accusations. Until the defendant has been found guilty in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt, he or she must be treated as though they are innocent of the charges against them.

Fun Fact* In 2022, the DEA confiscated enough fentanyl to twice kill every American.


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