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HomenewsHave You Received Your One-time Bonus of Up to $1,050? If Not,...

Have You Received Your One-time Bonus of Up to $1,050? If Not, You Might Still Be Eligible.

Did New York give you a lump sum?

An estimated three million New York state homeowners have already received refunds from the state, so you might want to look into it if you’re unsure.

These homeowners have been awarded refunds of up to $1,050 in property taxes. Naturally, the sums differ. In New York City, residents received $425 on average from the state. What, therefore, do you advise I do?

Do You Meet the Requirements to Get This Payment?

In what ways are we to expect to receive this compensation?

You must satisfy the following conditions to get this money.
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You must first be eligible for a STAR credit or exemption in 2022.

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Second, your taxable income for 2020 must be below $250,000. Finally, your 2022-2023 school year school tax liability must be higher than your 2022 STAR benefit.

If You Need More Help, Go Here.

Do you still have questions regarding your eligibility?
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It’s no sweat! The state has provided us with a useful resource. If you want to see this, please click here. Now, those of you who are eligible should have already received a check in the mail.

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However, it’s possible that your payment was delivered to the wrong address or that it was lost in transit. If you live in New York State and are concerned that this may have happened to you, visit the Department of Taxation and Finance website.


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