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On January 1st, Will You Receive a 9% Raise? Members of the New Jersey Minimum Wage Workforce Are (Opinion)

Most would get a huge rise. 9%. I doubt you’re starting the year so badly. Minimum wage workers are.

On Jan. 1, 2023, the minimum wage rises to $14.13 from $13. The Murphy administration will shortly cap it at $15.

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I hated this. It flatters liberal progressives like Phil Murphy. They can claim to help the impoverished. Are they?

High minimum wages raise manufacturing expenses, which raises product prices. Do higher prices benefit the poor?

It may cost jobs. It has reduced minimum wage workers’ hours.
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One step up, two steps back.

Minimum-wage occupations were traditionally filled by new hires with few skills. Your salary improved as you gained expertise. That’s proper.

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How often have we heard promoters of the $ 15-an-hour minimum wage say that a family of four cannot survive when both parents work for a lower minimum wage? When they have no ability to support one child, why would they have two?

Another issue. Every statutory minimum wage hike hurts us. You’ll lose $1.13 an hour on Jan. 1. You won’t lose it, but if you earned $12 above minimum wage on Jan. 1, you’ll only get $10.87 above. Matters. You’ll stagnate as prices rise.

As minimum wages rise, firms may outsource jobs or replace humans with robots. It’s happening. This policy boosts proliferation.

Small businesses drive economies.
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How will New Jersey small businesses handle this on Jan. 1? They may not celebrate NYE.


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