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Officials Report the Escape of A Woman Held Captive by A New Jersey Man During a Year-Long Cross-Country Journey.

Friday, authorities said that a guy from South Jersey kidnapped a lady in New Mexico and held her prisoner for nearly a year before she managed to escape.

James W. Parrillo Jr., 57, may have committed similar acts against other women in other states, New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and State Police Superintendent Colonel Patrick J. Callahan stated in a joint statement on February 17.

They claimed Parillo was apprehended after the woman escaped from a Bass Township residence where she had been detained and went to a neighbouring gas station.

Police accused Parillo with kidnapping in the first degree, criminal restraint, aggravated assault, strangulation, impeding apprehension, obstruction, and refusal to submit a DNA sample.

Platkin and Callahan contend:

In February 2022, the victim encountered Parillo, whom she knew as “Brett Parker,” at a gas station on Interstate 10 in New Mexico. She agreed to offer him a trip to Arizona at his request.

The victim told detectives that she and Parillo had a month-long, consensual relationship before he raped her in California. She stated that she “felt helpless to exit the relationship” at that time.

She claimed that Parrillo took away her phone, confiscated and used her debit cards, and cut her off from her family.

The couple arrived in New Jersey in December and had been living in a rented room in Burlington County with other tenants for around two weeks when she began planning her escape.

After an argument, Parrillo had beaten and choked her before realising they weren’t alone.

Platkin and Callahan stated in their statement that the woman, seizing an opportunity, “ran out the house wearing only shorts and a T-shirt in 42-degree weather.”

“While inside the petrol station, the woman locked the door and informed a clerk that she had been kidnapped for around a year,” they added.

Platkin and Callahan stated, “Footage from the station’s security camera shows Parrillo following the woman to the gas station and attempting to unlock the door before departing when he discovered it was shut.”

A station attendant called New Jersey State Police, who shortly thereafter apprehended Parrillo as he walked down County Road 542.

Friday, Superior Court Judge Christopher J. Garringer ruled that Parrillo must remain in the Burlington County Prison until the conclusion of his case.

Platkin and Callahan stated in a press release that the judge acted in part based on evidence provided by Assistant New Jersey Attorney General Theresa Hilton that Parrillo “may have engaged in similar predatory conduct with individuals in other states and that public safety demands he not be released.”

“This is an extremely disturbing instance,” stated Platkin.

Attorney general: “We are reaching out to law enforcement across jurisdictions to discover other individuals who may have additional information about the defendant.”

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