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After the Suicide of A Bullied Teen, ‘Outnumbered’ Attacks the School District: These Individuals Were Inactive.

Two weeks after a young New Jersey student committed suicide, parents and kids are outraged with the Central Regional School District in New Jersey for its reaction to bullying complaints.

“These children are in pain. They are in pain. My daughter returns home, and she, too, is terrified. And she does not wish to attend school “Thursday during a school board meeting, one mother shared.

Because of his encounters with bullies, her son is now on medicine and under the supervision of a psychiatrist, according to a second mother.

Since 14-year-old Adriana Kuch committed herself earlier this month following months of bullying that culminated in a video of girls savagely hitting her in the high school hallway, anger has increased.

Co-hosts of “Outnumbered” replied to parents’ and students’ heartfelt requests for the school district to take action.

“I cannot fathom feeling that voiceless and invisible. These poor youngsters. I cannot fathom how their parents must feel “Emily Compagno, co-host, stated.

Dagen McDowell of FOX Business defended parents pushing back against the school district, stating, “Turn that sorrow into anger. Because these individuals in this school district took no action.”

Adriana Kuch, a student at Central Regional High School, was discovered dead at her home on February 3, two days after the release of the horrifying film.

Adriana and her boyfriend are shown on the horrific video strolling down the hallway of their local public high school when a kid approaches her and begins hitting her in the face with a water bottle. Adriana collapses to the ground, where a bunch of students viciously kick and punch her. The youngster who captured the stunning video is audibly jubilant.

Approximately thirty seconds into the assault, two school employees interrupted the ambush.

Following the incident, Michael said that “no action was taken by anyone” despite his outreach to school faculty. Two days later, family members discovered Adriana’s body in her New Jersey residence.

In addition, Kennedy criticised the “broken” system that failed to intervene against bullying and protect youngsters.

She stated, “It should not have reached that stage.” “Schools are immobilised with options, and something must change immediately.”

Why don’t these schools take action? McDowell stated. “It’s not just one bully. There are groups of them. It’s groups of them beating up young people, and it’s all over the Internet and widely visible.”

Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical consultant, stated that multiple causes, including social media and the pandemic, have contributed to bullying, despair, and suicide rates nationwide.

“Twice as many girls are affected as boys,” stated Dr. Siegel. “In the past year, 56% of girls, according to the CDC, reported extreme grief. One in three individuals threatened suicide. And bullying has a significant role in this.”

He continued, “Social media is feeding the flames.” “The epidemic either caused or greatly exacerbated this situation.”

Kennedy stated that the problem is not specific to the Central Regional School District in New Jersey, but rather exists nationwide.

“It is both social media and the epidemic. Youngsters have forgotten how to treat one another. Schools have abdicated their duty to punish students who injure other children. And youngsters are in such emotional jeopardy and sorrow as a result of the pandemic. And despite receiving $190 billion from the federal government, inadequate resources have been provided “She stated,

Dr. Siegel advocated for improved parent-school communication as a strategy to fight bullying.

Kennedy stated that schools should take more decisive measures to remove bullies and impose harsher punishments.

“They must also remove such children from schools. They do not do so. Students aren’t suspended. They are not expelled. They maintain their presence in these classrooms, where they continue to cause issues and engage in bullying. I mean, the entire system is a huge mess, particularly in public schools.”

The superintendent at the time of Kuch’s passing has resigned as parents and children in New Jersey battle for accountability and action from the Central Regional School Board. Dr. Douglas Corbett has been designated as the superintendent in the meantime.

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