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A Woman Abducted in New Mexico a Year Ago Escapes to A Gas Station in New Jersey; the Suspect Is in Custody.

State officials announced on Friday that a lady finally reached safety this month after a nearly year-long ordeal of abuse that culminated at a petrol station in New Jersey, thousands of miles from where she met her accused abductor.

Officials in New Jersey assert that the woman endured violence and isolation at the hands of a guy she met in New Mexico under the alias “Brett Parker” in February 2017, nearly a year before she escaped his grip in New Jersey.

According to new information provided on Friday, this man, whose real name is James Parrillo Jr., is accused of kidnapping the woman and holding her captive while they travelled the country.

In early 2022, the couple allegedly met at a petrol station along Interstate 10, where the lady agreed to transport the man to Arizona. Shortly thereafter, officials reported that the couple established a consensual relationship. But, this would alter shortly.

Before he allegedly became aggressive and battered her in California, “she was unable to exit the relationship” Parrillo is accused of stealing the woman’s phone, debit cards, and preventing her from communicating with her family.

They predicted Parillo and the woman would come in New Jersey in December, where they would ultimately rent a hotel in Bass River Township. Two weeks into their stay, she was able to escape on February 7 following an argument that resulted in him assaulting and choking her.

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