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HomenewsNew York Business Owners Upset Because Camped-out Migrants Are Driving Customers Away

New York Business Owners Upset Because Camped-out Migrants Are Driving Customers Away

Migrants to blame for New York’s retail industry’s declining customer base

Disgruntled New York City shopkeepers, restaurant owners, and service industry workers are worried sick about their companies’ declining profitability. This is because customers are less likely to frequent their businesses when migrants are camped out on the streets in front of hotels.

Inundated With Foreigners

As the migrant crisis in New York continues to worsen, businesses are being forced to reduce their workforce in response to a decline in foot traffic.

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Migrants were flown into the city and lodged in some of the most prestigious hotels in New York, including Row NYC, Holiday Inn, and The Watson.

Hotel Residents Refused to Let Refugees Out

A recent difficulty arose when a group of solitary migrant men gathered in front of the Watson Hotel and refused to move to a men’s refuge in the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

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Some of the migrants rode the bus to the shelter, but they later returned to their camp outside the hotel, complaining about the lack of privacy and other amenities they were used to enjoying during their hotel stays.

Losing Businesses

A news article quotes numerous business owners who have commented on the predicament into which their companies have been thrust.

According to the news article, migrants who are struggling financially have replaced the money-spending tourists that frequented the New York eatery before.

As a result, on some days the cafe’s earnings have dropped by as much as 75%, reaching as low as $500 from a high of $2,000.

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Many of the restaurants, gift shops, and tobacco stores along Rector Street have also seen declining sales, store closures, and staff layoffs as a result of the economic downturn. This is mostly because locals avoid supporting businesses located on streets where migrants have set up camp.

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