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New Jersey’s Cannabis Job Fair Shows how Business Is Booming

Regarding marijuana cultivation and sales, New Jersey is living up to its agricultural reputation and legacy. As the state is currently the fifth largest cannabis retailer in the US, there is a strong demand for workers in the industry. A employment expo on Tuesday showcasing cannabis firms emphasised the urgency of the situation.

A few days after learning about the event, Andaye Bines-Wiltshire, a chef interested in manufacturing cannabis delicacies, visited the tables of the six possible employers at the job fair.

“It suddenly occurred to me to Google cannabis jobs,” “And then this appeared,” she remarked.

In three hours, the Passaic County Cannabis Job Fair on the main campus of Passaic County Community College attracted several hundred applications, including Edwin Lopez.

Lopez is the manager of a medical supply company that is closing its local location; therefore, he is searching for a new position while his current one winds down. He expressed amazement at what he discovered at the expo.

“I thought it was a joke when I arrived,” he stated, before revising his statement. “This is no joke; I’ve come to see what opportunities are available. There are several, indeed.”

Neither the industry nor the fair is a joke. Both are extremely real, with revenues soaring. According to the state, recreational and medical marijuana sales exceeding $177 million in the third quarter of 2022 will position New Jersey as the fifth largest cannabis retailer in the country. It also anticipates that sales will continue to increase.

This kind of industry vitality necessitates the employment of personnel by businesses.

ANJA Corporation manager and recruiter Alexandra Verello reported that the reaction to their appeal for workers was enthusiastic.

“Numbers,” she remarked as she reflected on her recruitment day. “We’ve had numerous chats. I now have an entire folder full with resumes.”

ANJA still anticipates receiving its cannabis licence by the end of the year. At the event, it was not the only company whose licence to sell marijuana is pending. This revelation surprised some job seekers, such as Maureen Falzarano.

She remarked, “I’m just a little mystified as to why some of the larger companies that were advertised in the media as attending the event are not present.”

Ascend and Rise, at least, had pledged to attending the employment fair but did not. Despite attempts by PIX11 News to reach both companies for comment, neither could be reached.

Representatives of the companies present appeared delighted with their participation. The CEO of the TLEHL Corporation, Dab Riga, was enthusiastic.

“I must say that this was the most exciting and successful job fair in which I have ever participated,” he stated.

Each job applicant interviewed by PIX11 News appeared excited about chances in a fast expanding economic sector.

“This is a multi-billion dollar sector,” Bines-Wiltshire declared after making the rounds of companies recruiting employees. Therefore, it is always advantageous to get your foot in the door because you never know where you may wind up.

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