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Moneybagg Yo and Ari Breakup: Ari Fletcher Is Once Again Confirmed Her Breakup with Moneybagg Yo!

As of recently, Ari Fletcher can once again be had. In her social media posts, the influencer confirmed her breakup with Moneybagg Yo. “Single, financially secure, and overjoyed!” Tweeting on August 26 that she was “ready for everything new!” she sounded enthusiastic about the possibilities ahead.

Ari Fletcher revealed this after photos emerged of her and Moneybagg Yo laughing it up at the launch party for her Remedy By Ari cosmetics line. Since 2019, they’d been an item. They lavished each other with expensive presents throughout their relationship. For a short time before she started dating Moneybagg Yo, Ari Fletcher dated boxer Gervonta Davis.

Boxer Gervonta Davis and Ari Fletcher Breakup

moneybagg yo and ari breakup

The model had a brief fling with the boxer Gervonta Davis before she met her future husband, the “Wockesha” rapper. Their romance burned out as soon as it had begun, but the aftereffects lingered for a long. Rumors circulated that Gervonta cheated on the model with a stripper, but this was never proven. Moreover, in August of this year (2019), Ari dissed Gervonta after the boxer demanded payment for the presents he had given her.

This year for her birthday, she stepped onto a pink carpet that read “Ari Air” and led to a private plane decorated with pink balloons. There was a Patek Phillippe watch and three diamond necklaces waiting for her on the plane. Ari claimed in a series of tweets that the boxer attacked her while her kid, Yosohn Santana Wright, slept. Ari further disclosed that Gervonta’s insecurity contributed to the couple’s breakup.

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Why They Are Not Married

moneybagg yo and ari breakup

“I am beyond words to express how grateful, content, and blessed I am. BLOODY TEARS! In the description for the Instagram slideshow, she thanked “moneybag yo” for his support. She gave the “Wockesha” rapper 28.8 acres of land in Memphis for his 30th birthday. She posed the question on Instagram, “What do you buy someone that has it all?” An everlasting present.

I’ve essentially purchased you a pension for the rest of your life. Multigenerational prosperity! What a whopping 28.8 acres! In a nutshell: I adore you. Please accept my best wishes on your special day. People were curious as to why Fletcher would buy him such an expensive present since they are not married.

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Ari Fletcher Why So Present the Expensive Gift  Even If They Are Not Married?

moneybagg yo and ari breakup

“That’s so married,” she exclaimed. As Garcelle Beauvais, host of The Real, stated in one installment, You’re giving a major presentation to someone you’re not even married to, and that’s unacceptable. If a man gave me twenty-eight acres and it failed, I’d feel like I had to stay with him. The stunning Chicago native had no trouble defending herself against the hosts of The Real and other critics of her talent.
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On Twitter, she gushed, “Y’all don’t know half of what he does for me mentally or financially.” Never before have I felt so protected, loved, pampered, and joyful with another human being.

He has endless amounts of love for both my son and me.
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I feel bad that you haven’t known this kind of love before. Just worry about acquiring a husband and some acreage of your own.


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