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Lynne Spears, the Mother of Britney Spears, Said She only Wants Her Daughter to Be Happy!

Lynne Spears said she only wants her daughter, Britney, to be “happy” in the midst of their continuing feud.  on Thursday and asked her how she was feeling about not being invited to her daughter’s wedding to Sam Asghari, which she had previously been estranged from. Lynne said, “I just want her to be happy,” as she made her way to the parking lot.
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Lynne’s Attempt to Rekindle Her Relationship.


Lynne’s attempt to rekindle her relationship with her daughter was not the first time she had tried to do so following their disagreement over the singer’s conservatorship. As soon as Britney’s nuptials on June 9th went live on Instagram, Lynne turned to the social media platform to share a few words about the lavish event that took place in her own garden.

“You’re glowing and beaming with joy!” It was Lynne’s opinion. The “dream” wedding is yours! In addition, having it in your own house makes it all the more unique. I’m ecstatic for you, my friend! “I cherish you!” After Britney’s conservatorship, which governed her personal affairs and estate for over 14 years, ended, she severed relations with the majority of her family.

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Launched the Conservatorship.

Lynne's Attempt to Rekindle Her Relationship.

Her father, Jamie Spears, may have launched the conservatorship 13 years ago but Britney claims her mother was the one who first came up with the idea. His son claims she’s engaged in an online campaign to disparage him and wants her to testify in court about it. Lawyers for the 69-year-old singer allege that Jamie “impugned” his character “long ago” and that they will fight the accusations.

Pop star Britney Spears appeared briefly in the background as she made her way to the vehicle, amidst an ongoing family feud. Britney Spears married her longtime partner Sam Asghari, 28, on June 9 in an intimate wedding in front of a star-studded audience after she was released from her 13-year conservatorship (supervised by her father, Jamie Spears, 69). She went on to buy a $12 million mansion in Calabasas to show off her newfound liberties.

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The Prominent Family’s Ill Feelings Persist.

Lynne's Attempt to Rekindle Her Relationship.

However, the prominent family’s ill feelings persist.
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As of last Friday (17th of June), Jamie had filed papers in court alleging Britney of waging a cyber-smear campaign against him. According to Britney‘s June 14th Instagram post, her brother Bryan Spears was not invited to her long-awaited nuptials.

On one of the pop star’s social media posts, Lynne commented, “You have got to be kidding me!!” with an eye-roll emoji. Once again, Britney canceled her Instagram account after the remarks were removed.


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