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Leah Messer Breakup? Teen Mom 2 Star and Fiance Split Up, What’s the Reason?

The wedding between Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley has been called off. The Teen Mom 2 star and her fiance broke up with each other two months after they announced their engagement in a joint statement posted to both of their Instagram accounts. A black-and-white photo of the pair from happier times was posted alongside the words

“While the last year has been immensely exciting for both of us, we’ve recognized that it’s best we follow separate paths” on October 11. We cherish the experiences, progress, and shared memories we’ve shared with one another. The MTV stars got engaged in August, not long after returning from their first-year anniversary trip to Costa Rica.

Their Relationship

leah messer breakup

During an interview with In Touch, Leah hinted at the idea of having children with Jaylan in the future, so things between them must have been going well. Leah is presently co-parenting 12-year-old twins with her first husband, Corey Simms, and a 9-year-old with her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

The North Carolina native continued, “At the end of the day, all I know is that we love one other, and that’s the foundation I want to create for our relationship, my kids, our future kids.” And that’s about where we are right now.”

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“What Happened? “

leah messer breakup

I’m glad they can stay friends, but heck, I was cheering for them, one person commented. “Damn I wonder what happened,” another supporter wrote. The views of a third were as follows: “Oh no, please tell me this isn’t real. They had my undying joy.”

Incredible Relationship

After dating for a year, Messer and Jaylan, both 26, got engaged in 2020. Messer’s boyfriend of a year proposed to her on August 19, 2022, and presented her with a unique ring. They were shown to be getting along very well in Season 11 of her MTV show, and Mobley is a US Army officer and a Ph.D. student at Georgia Technology who will graduate in 2023.

During their second trip to Costa Rica, Mobley presented Messer with a 4.7-carat engagement ring. Messer remarked to PEOPLE, “This feels incredible. Although I never would have predicted my presence here today, I can’t picture being anyplace else.” And he added: “No words could ever describe how I feel right now.

Confirmed Their Breakup?

leah messer breakup

That’s why I worked so hard to make this the best possible moment for her. He informed the media source that he had been considering popping the question for a while, around two to three months. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said, “We met through a project Jaylan performed with ESPN and the Army that was videotaped and captured by one of my PAs in September 2020.

“I was looking to expand my sphere of influence, so I started following Jaylan; we exchanged DMs in February of this year, and he asked me out on a date. “We went to a Wiz Khalifa concert at the WV Power Park after he picked me up and brought me to a romantic supper at Bricks & Barrels in Charleston, WV. Really, it was incredible.

Did they announce it on Social Media?

Since then, they’ve had a number of excursions together, several of which have been featured on television. One of these was a trip to Disney World with Messer’s three children from previous marriages. Mobley stated that he “wanted to make sure that I had a relationship with their dads” after becoming involved in Messer’s life and spending time with her girls.

“That, too, has been fantastic. And they’re totally on board with it “He was generous with his information. To that end, “they have also been giving me a lot of wisdom from things that they learned, and so it’s just sort of a working thing.” Since everyone is getting along, “it seems amazing that we can co-parent together,” Messer said.

In September of 2021, Messer and Mobley shared their first PDA-filled selfie together, making their relationship Instagram official for the first time. Over the course of the past year, they have given their internet followers numerous views on their relationship. Not that their time together had been completely drama-free. An online troll said that Leah’s boyfriend Jaylan was only in it for the “fame,” but Leah fired back at the troll.

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What Is the Current Status of Their Relationship?

leah messer breakup

Teen Mom 2 star said in a lengthy Instagram remark in September, “Believe me, at this point, he’s wishing he wasn’t in it for fame now.” She went on to say that Jaylan “sure as f—k” wouldn’t be putting in so much effort for her or their children if he was simply using her. Jaylan has “his own career,” the author of Hope, Grace, and Faith said, adding that fame can be challenging to handle.

She went on to say that the “famous” industry isn’t as glamorous as many people seem to think it is. You’ve got to witness the lies they’ve been spreading about HIM, our family, and our children. If you don’t keep your head up, that kind of crap may really mess with your psyche. Believe me, it has nothing to do with the spotlight of reality television.


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