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Kurt Cobain Net Worth: Why Post Malone Asked Kurt Cobain’s Daughter for Permission Before Covering Nirvana Songs

Kurt Cobain, a well-known American singer, and artist was born on February 20, 1967, in Seattle, Washington. Kurt was a well-known singer who was recognized for his striving and magnificent songs that he performed throughout his life. He was a fantastic songwriter as well as a superb performer, and he actively wrote songs that became hits.

He was the guitarist, lead vocalist, and principal songwriter for the Nirvana rock band, which is regarded as one of the most successful at the time. Despite his lavish lifestyle, Kurt was mentally disturbed and struggled with despair and drug addiction.

His luxury lifestyle had a significant impact on his health, and he was not ready to take on such massive fame all at once, as the listener can see in these songs. Kurt Cobain, the singer, and guitarist, and Krist Novoselic, the bassist, established Nirvana in 1987.

Even though Kurt died in 1994, his music is still popular, and the band is still operating. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the singer in this article. Many people are interested in learning about his net worth, and if you are one of them, read on to learn more about him.

Kurt Cobain’s Childhood

Kurt Donald Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington on February 20, 1967. Kurt was born into a family of artists and musicians, and he began sketching his cartoons and learning to play various instruments at a young age. He began playing the piano at the age of four and performing songs that he had written himself.

Kurt’s parents split when he was nine years old. Cobain went through a time of great suffering as a result of this, and he began to rebel. Having said that, while living with a buddy, he briefly became a Christian. He was teased by his classmates, which worsened after he befriended a gay kid.


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He eventually dropped out of high school after becoming active in the burgeoning punk scene in the Pacific Northwest. After meeting Tobi Vail, a female punk musician, Cobain established a relationship with her and later collaborated on a musical project with her. Vail wore a deodorant named “Teen Spirit,” which was the inspiration for the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Kurt Cobain’s Career

Kurt Cobain persuaded Krist Novoselic to join him in a new band, Nirvana. Nirvana was originally associated with punk rock ideology and was named after a Buddhist idea tied to paradise or “liberation from the external world.” Bleach was their debut album. Cobain chose Dave Grohl as his drummer after working with several drummers who were eventually fired. Nirvana recorded their second album, Nevermind, with this lineup.

Nevermind catapulted Nirvana to mainstream popularity, propelling them to the forefront of a new rock sub-genre known as Grunge. Nirvana helped pave the way for other grunge bands in the years that followed. Kurt Cobain was also a divisive personality, particularly because of his personal beliefs and songs like “Rape Me,” which had blunt but devastating lyrics.

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Kurt Cobain’s Married Life and Relationship

Kurt Cobain was a married man when he died. He fell in love for the first time with Tracy Marander. In 1985, he began a relationship and affair with her, which lasted until 1988. Then he started dating Tobi Vail, a drummer for Bikini Kill, a punk band. After a two-year relationship, they divorced in 1990. In 1990, he began dating Courtney Love, whom he had met in 1989. In February 1992, they married in a low-key ceremony on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

Kurt Cobain Net Worth

Eight people attended the ceremony, including his Nirvana bandmate Dave Grohl. In August 1992, the couple welcomed a daughter called Frances Bean Cobain. She admitted to taking drugs during her pregnancy in an interview with Vanity Fair because she wasn’t aware she was pregnant at the time. Later, the Los Angeles County Department of Children’s Services would sue them, claiming that their drug use rendered them, unfit parents.

After that, he had a brief relationship with Mary Lou Lord, an indie-folk musician and recording artist, in 1991, which was nothing more than a s*xual encounter. He was later accused of having an affair with Jane Crowley, a model, and photographer. He was a straight man in terms of sexuality. He had previously stated in an interview with The Advocate in 1993 that he was “gay in spirit” and “probably could be bisexual.” He had also stated, “I am not gay, although I wish I was, just to p**s off homophobes.”

Kurt Cobain’s Net Worth

Kurt Cobain, the well-known co-founder, guitarist, and frontman of Nirvana, had a net worth of $50 million when he died. Kurt’s estate was valued at $450 million almost ten years after his death, largely due to his income and publishing rights from Nirvana.

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Using Drugs

Kurt Cobain’s severe drug usage, especially in his later years, was a defining aspect of his life. To relieve his stomach pain, he began using a variety of narcotics, finally switching from oxycodone to heroin in 1986. Cobain supposedly noticed his stomach ache was fully gone after using heroin for three days straight.

Kurt Cobain Net Worth

This encouraged him to keep using. Some commentators, however, believe that Cobain’s heroin use was the source of his stomach problems. Cobain overdosed on drugs before a concert in 1993 but was revived by Courtney Love, who gave naloxone. Following that, Cobain took the stage.


Cobain overdosed once more in 1994. He locked himself in a room after being released from the hospital and vowed to commit suicide. When the cops arrived, they confiscated many firearms as well as some prescription narcotics. Cobain was eventually committed to a rehab facility, but he escaped and returned to his home in Seattle not long after.

Kurt Cobain’s body was discovered by an electrician visiting his home on April 4th, 1994. When he was discovered, coroners confirmed that he had been deceased for three days. A self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head has promptly judged a suicide.

Kurt Cobain’s Property

Nirvana’s record sales in the previous year were predicted to be $4.4 million in 2014. Kurt Cobain’s estate was estimated at $450 million at the time. Kurt Cobain’s publishing rights to Nirvana were passed to Courtney Love at the time of his death.

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Love controlled 98 percent of the publication rights to Nirvana’s music before 2006. After 2006, the CEO of a business named Primary Wave paid $50 million for a stake in Love’s publication rights. The publication rights of Primary Wave were eventually acquired by BMG, a music publishing firm.

Courtney Love got a $2.75 million loan from Frances Bean Cobain’s foundation in 2010. This was part of an agreement in which she relinquished her ownership of Cobain’s name and likeness. In 2010, Frances Cobain turned eighteen and claimed control of her trust fund.

Kurt Cobain Net Worth

Frances received a 33 percent portion of her late father’s fortune as a result of this. On her 30th birthday, she is scheduled to gain ownership of the entire estate, which is valued at $200 million. In royalties, publishing rights, and investment profits, she now earns over $100,000 every month.

The exploitation of Cobain’s likeness and music for advertisements and other endeavors, which some believe is incompatible with the late musician’s priorities and morals, has sparked debate. Love, for example, claimed that one of Nirvana’s songs was “raped” when it was used in a Muppets film.

His face was also utilized in a Bavaria beer commercial, which sparked debate in some circles. Courtney Love, on the other hand, was in favor of a posthumous partnership with Converse sneakers.

Cobain’s house in Seattle (where he died) was put on the market in 2019, with an asking price of $7.5 million. Love sold the 117-year-old house for $2.9 million in 1997.

Conspiracies of Murder

Several conspiracy theories indicate that Cobain’s death was the consequence of murder rather than a suicide. Some say that Cobain could not have lifted a shotgun since he was so high on heroin at the time of his death.

Others have suggested that the last four lines of Cobain’s suicide note were written by two distinct people, as they are considerably different from the remainder of the text. The last four lines of the suicide letter are the only ones that expressly reference suicide.

Kurt Cobain Net Worth

Who Inherited Kurt Cobain’s Fortune?

Following Cobain’s sad death, his widow Courtney Love inherited the majority of his money and inheritance. While Love was pregnant, she married Kurt on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii in 1992. On August 8, 1992, the couple welcomed their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. When Frances’ father died, she was only 20 months old.

Frances took control of her trust fund when she turned 18 years old in 2010. Frances will be in charge of her father’s entire estate when she turns 30 years old, which will be worth around $200 million at the time.

Why Post Malone Asked Kurt Cobain’s Daughter for Permission Before Covering Nirvana Songs

In 2020, during lockdowns, Post Malone made waves when he played a lauded Livestream set of Nirvana covers with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, with money going to covid-relief efforts.

According to Metal Hammer, the artist revealed that before his performance, he contacted Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances for permission to play his versions of the classic songs:

“We paid a visit to Kurt’s daughter. It’s significant to me since I adore Kurt and consider him to be a musical inspiration. I didn’t want to insult anyone by expressing my support, so I just wanted to double-check that everything was well. And it was fine; we raised money for a worthy cause, and we got to perform some of the greatest epic songs ever written.”

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