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Kehlani Breakup? She and YG’s Valentine’s Day Song References Their Breakup!

Kehlani ended her relationship with rap artist YG just days after celebrating Valentine’s Day with him. The 24-year-old “Good Thing” singer released the single “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” on her social media accounts three days after she and YG issued their joint tune “Conclusions” on Valentine’s Day, alluding to their breakup.

Kehlani has released a new album in which she sings about her breakup with an ex-boyfriend. All the things that I didn’t want to witness are over as the song says. “I’m trying to make things right with myself/ Please forgive me for loving you/ I risked love out loud/ I defended you with great pride.”

Their Breakup Reason

kehlani breakup

In another tweet, now deleted, the singer told a fan discussing her new song, “I’m single Luv.” Breakup news follows the release of their song “Conclusions,” in which they profess their undying love for one another. Kehlani sang in the track, which was released on Friday, “When I say I love you, it means I love you.” “I’m the one you run to, whatever our decision turns out to be.” After YG was allegedly discovered kissing another lady in Los Angeles in October 2019, things between Kehlani and him went from bad to worse.

After the encounter, YG posted on his Instagram Story, “I love Kehlani.” I’d never do it. The Shade Room aired a video of what seems like the rapper having a one-on-one talk with a female fan outside of L.A.’s Poppy Nightclub, prompting YG to release a statement. The following day, the rapper’s representatives explained to The Shade Room that the meeting had been “an intoxicating moment.
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Kehlani and Her Guitarist Husband Javie Young-White Welcomed Their Baby?

According to the statement, “he was inebriated, got carried away, and felt deep guilt for putting himself in that circumstance and hurting Kehlani.” He was just inebriated and swept away by her. The couple walked hand in hand at the Kith presentation during New York Fashion Week last September, making the public announcement of their relationship for the first time.

What Is the Reaction of Fans?

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Kehlani responded coyly to reporters’ questions about the status of her relationship with “Gangsta” singer Gucci Mane by responding, “Mhmm.” Cats out of the bag, as the singer captioned a series of Instagram images showing YG giving her a nice kiss on the cheek after the performance.

Some fans were taken aback by the couple after learning about Kehlani and YG’s separate 2019 baby announcements. In March, Kehlani and her guitarist husband Javie Young-White welcomed their baby, Adeya Nomi. In July, YG and Catelyn Sparks welcomed their second daughter together, Vibe Jackson. They already had a daughter, Harmony, who is now 4 years old.

Announced Their Breakup on Social Media?

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Video of Kehlani dancing at a club to music, posted to TikTok, has gone viral after she seemingly reveals her split from musician 070 Shake, real name Dani Balbuena. In answer to the DJ’s question, “Whose nearly single y’all?” Kehlani raises both hands. This has been interpreted by her devoted fanbase as final proof that she and 070 Shake are officially over.

Fans have been speculating about the breakup for the past month or so, ever since Kehlani erased some photos of her girlfriend off Instagram and began posting mysterious captions. The singer of “Honey” apparently made a reference to her girlfriend in the remark, “Play silly games win ridiculous prizes,” which she shared alongside a narrative.

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Confirmed Their Breakup

kehlani breakup

One sad admirer reacted to the rumored breakup by saying, “Dani and Kehlani breaking up, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me I’m going into hibernation.” Another supporter chimed in: “Apparently, word on the street is that Kehlani and Dani have broken up.

When did we get Melt after all? Love is a fantasy.” The ‘Altar’ artist, who came out as a Lesbian in April 2021, has been romantically linked to Kyrie Irving, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and YG in the past. As if things weren’t tense enough already, Kehlani and 070 Shake have unfollowed each other on social media.


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