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Julia Fox Kanye Break Up? Julia Fox Revealed She Ended Their Brief Relationship!

Unlike many of her peers, Julia Fox is not shedding any tears for Kanye West. Star of “Uncut Gems” made it plain that she is moving on after her separation from the controversial rapper.  On Monday, she posted in an Instagram Story that has since been removed, “Why not view me for what I am, which is a #1 hustler.” “I made it y’all lol, and Kanye and I are cool now!” You guys must think I’m 12 years old because while I do adore him, I was never in love with the man Jesus Christ.

Reports that the 32-year-old Fox was seen crying in paparazzi images taken at LAX were also refuted by the actress. She went on to say, “and for the record, the only time I cried in 2022 was on Feb 6th on my deceased BFF’s birthday,” referencing the suicide of famed Hollywood manager Chris Huvane.


Julia Fox Kanye Break Up?

After that, the co-host of the “Forbidden Fruits” podcast hinted that they would write a book so their listeners could receive “the full tea.” After dating for six weeks, Page Six confirmed Monday that Fox and the Yeezy fashion designer, 44, had split up due to his social media rants about everything from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian‘s new romance with Pete Davidson to Kid Cudi’s omission of his album “Donda 2.”

According to a statement provided to us by her representative, “Julia and Kanye remain dear friends and collaborators, but they are no longer together.” On Friday, a source confirmed to PEOPLE that Fox and West’s brief affair had come to an end. “There is no time for Kanye and Julia to spend together due to their respective schedules. While Kanye has been in Los Angeles, Julia is a New York City resident.

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Their Divorce

Julia Fox Kanye Break Up?

Because of the distance, “This is what the source claimed. “They remain in communication with one another and want to visit each other again soon. Kanye has strong feelings for her. They’ve definitely warmed up a bit, but her nickname for them, “Julie,” still sticks “On January 23 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the couple was spotted for the first time on the red carpet. Later, on February 2, he reportedly helped the actress celebrate her 32nd birthday by throwing an “extravagant” party at Lucien in New York City, as reported by PEOPLE’s anonymous source.

Fox has recently lauded their relationship, saying that they have been having “a lot” of “us’ and ‘web’ chats.
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” On the podcast called “Call Her Daddy,” she stated: “His goal is for me to realize my full potential. That’s a topic of discussion all the time. Always. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can realize my incredible potential.” After nearly seven years of marriage, West and Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021. She has been seeing Pete Davidson, the comedian, since last October.

Their Relationship

Julia Fox Kanye Break Up?

Fox clarified on her Forbidden Fruits podcast last month that she was not using the musician for publicity purposes. It was her words, “There will always be naysayers who believe that each scandal involving a celebrity is staged. In my own case, no.” Fox also noted at the time that they were simply taking things as they came:  “Listen, I’m just trying to enjoy life as it is right now without attaching any meaning to the past or the future.

We’re all just trying to lift one other up.” After a source recently told E! News, “Julia is a mom first and her family and career duties are in New York,” the actress decided to go there. Although Ye had previously stated his desire to have her relocated to Los Angeles, she was unwilling to make the move. Fox shared videos of her one-year-old kid on her Instagram Stories on Sunday. Although they are still close, their relationship has changed, the insider said.

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Confirmed Their Breakup

Julia Fox Kanye Break Up?

page six that claims to During the episode that aired on Wednesday, Fox revealed that she and Ye chat (in the present tense) about how “He wants me to be the best version of myself. That’s a topic of discussion all the time. Always. In other words, how do I realize my incredible potential?
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Rather than a passionate love affair, it was a selfless high school basketball coach. At other times, life is simply existing in between two coasts, or in the “will they, won’t they” void.

West seems unmoved by the breakup as well, shifting his focus to Kardashian, who not only wants nothing to do with his turmoil but also seems genuinely concerned for Davidson‘s well-being.  the 41-year-old reality star allegedly texted the famed rapper, “U are creating a hazardous and terrible situation and someone will hurt Pete and this will all be your fault.”


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