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Justice Esther Salas Is an Advocate for A Federal Statute that Would Shield Judges and Their Families from Harm

(NEWARK, NJ) The tragic experience of a judge in New Jersey has brought national attention to the issue of federal judges’ security.

Esther Salas, a judge in the United States District Court, had her son, Daniel Anderl, killed by the same guy who had planned to kill the judge.

On Monday, Salas was joined by senators from New Jersey to propose legislation in her son’s honour that would strengthen protections for federal judges.

Judge Esther Salas pushes for federal law to protect judges and their families

“We are overjoyed to have the honour of raising Daniel. Please accept my sincere gratitude, sweetie. We adore you, “salted Salas.

Salas has spent the last two years striving to prevent other couples from experiencing the heartbreak she and her husband did. On Monday, Salas expressed relief that she can move on with her life.

Salas claimed that his life had been “made sense of” by the senseless murder of Daniel. Her son’s name now appears on federal legislation that makes it a crime to publicly reveal the home locations, phone numbers, or other identifying information of federal judges or their immediate families.

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Salas stated, “We just have so much gratitude to our home state senators and Congresswoman Sherrill, and together with all the members of Congress who truly worked together in a bipartisan way to see this day come.”

On July 2020, a lawyer posing as a delivery driver fatally murdered her son. Daniel answered the door as the attorney, still angry with the judge, arrived at her New Brunswick home. Mark Salas, Salas’s spouse, was also severely hurt but eventually got better.

“As for Mark and I, we were only able to have one child. We joked that he was our karma baby. I felt I could handle the sorrow of seeing him and then losing him that day “Salas declared.

She is one of just two Latina judges in New Jersey’s District Court, and according to Senator Robert Menendez, she was singled out for harassment because of her gender and ethnicity.

Judge Esther Salas pushes for federal law to protect judges and their families

In addition, the act allows the U.S. Marshals Service to increase its workforce in order to better safeguard federal judges.

“Federal judges are becoming the target of threats. For the protection of the judicial system, “according to Senator Cory Booker.

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“My son didn’t give his life so that we may waste ours,” Salas remarked. “The memory of my son is ingrained in my mind forever. With him, I always take the next step.” Salas claims that she is able to keep going because of her faith and the certainty that she and Daniel will be reunited in the afterlife.


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