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Josh Flagg Breakup? In The Arms of His New Lover Andrew Beyer, Actor Josh Found Solace!

After his divorce from Bobby Boyd, “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star Josh Flagg found comfort in the arms of new partner Andrew Beyer. Flagg (age 36) posted an Instagram photo of himself and his girlfriend Beyer (age 23) hugging on a beach in Malibu, California as the sun sank in the background.

With a heartfelt comment, he shared the PDA-filled photo.
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A month after saying he was dating someone new, the Bravolebrity made it Instagram official with his younger boyfriend, who is also a real estate agent, towards the end of April. For a time, we were close friends. Everything fell into place naturally.
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Flagg said of Beyer to People, “I like him very much, and he’s a very good person,” adding that he “never went on a date” with him before he and Boyd, also 36, decided to split up.

Their Breakup

Josh Flagg breakup

In March, Page Six published the news that Flagg and Boyd were divorcing after almost five years of marriage. In the months following their separation, our sources told us that the reality star had been staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “The last 6 years of my life I wouldn’t change for the world,” the former model wrote in the description of his Friday Instagram post. I’ve known and loved my best buddy for six years now. We hit it off instantly and never looked back after our first date.

Our relationship was lightning fast, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. Throughout our time together, we have shared countless insights and lessons with one another. This may seem like startling news to most people, but Josh and I have been working on this for the past few months. Flagg is concentrating on his career and maintaining cordial relations with his ex-wife at the moment.

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Their Relationship

Josh Flagg breakup

Flagg says, “At the moment, my thoughts are focused on the house I just bought, on running the business, and on getting back to normal life.” “Currently, my life is going swimmingly. I trust Bobby is fine as well. My greatest wish is that we can all look back on this period with fondness and remember the wonderful experiences we shared as friends.”

Flagg and Boyd posted on their individual social media accounts to announce the termination of their marriage and to show their continued good will toward one another despite the dissolution of their marriage. “Being married for four and a half years is a long time, maybe not the longest time, but that’s still a lot of memories,” Flagg says. And it’d be wonderful to hold on to those recollections and accept them with open arms in the future.

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Their Wedding

Josh Flagg breakup

In September of 2017, after dating for a year, the real estate agent and Boyd got married. (Ten years of friendship blossomed into a loving relationship for the couple.) “When it seems right, you simply know it, and when you know, you know. Flagg had stated on Bravo’s The Daily Dish in November 2016 that “I knew that I wanted to marry him on the first date we had, actual date.”

My parents were engaged after only three months of dating, and they’ve been married for 34 years now. Some couples become engaged, then marry three or five years later, only to split up the next day. This led me to conclude that he was the one for me. Thus, I was hoping to find myself in a relationship with a future spouse.


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