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James Corden Banned from Nyc’s Balthazar for Being ‘Abusive,’ Owner Backtracks After Apology

The Late Late Show presenter was described as “the most disrespectful customer to my Balthazar employees” in the restaurant’s 25-year existence by restaurateur Keith McNally, who made the announcement on Instagram on Monday that James Corden had been barred from one of his renowned New York City eateries.

The first line of McNally’s post read, “James Corden is a Hugely brilliant comedian, but a little Cretin of a man. And the diner who has been the most obnoxious to my Balthazar employees since the restaurant’s opening 25 years ago. Contrary to my usual practice, I 86’d Corden today. I was not amused by it.

McNally Reported Two Instances, Including One from June

McNally reported two instances, including one from June in which Corden approached the manager about a hair after finishing the main course. In addition to insisting the restaurant reimburse the previous drinks for his table, Corden allegedly behaved “very rude” toward the manager who had apologized.

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In the second incident, Corden is said to have visited the eatery again earlier this month while accompanied by his wife. The comic allegedly complained to their waiter over a “small amount of egg white” in her egg yolk omelet, according to McNally.
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Instead of a salad, as his wife had originally ordered, the kitchen replaced the dish with home fries.


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