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Is Ari Fletcher Pregnant? Moneybagg Yo’s Cryptic Tweet Prompts Pregnancy Discussion!

According to a now-deleted tweet from Moneybagg Yo, his rumoured ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher is expecting again. The 30-year-old rapper has lately announced to his followers on Twitter that purple is his new favourite colour. He has also recently released a number of collaborative musical projects.

A new music video for Moneybagg and Finesse2tymes’s collaboration, Black Visa, has been published. Moneybagg’s followers went into overdrive, though, after he deleted a tweet that showed a woman with a visible baby bump.

Cryptic Tweet from Moneybagg Yo Sparks Pregnancy Talks

Is Ari Fletcher Pregnant?

On Monday, September 12, the Memphis rapper posted a photo on Twitter that caught his followers by surprise. A close-up of a pregnant woman holding her belly was depicted in the photo. She also sports a massive diamond ring and what appears to be an equally massive timepiece.

Shortly after, Moneybagg erased the photo from his tweet, but screenshots of it rapidly spread like wildfire. Many supporters believe that the woman in the photo is Moneybagg’s alleged ex-girlfriend Ari, and they have concluded that Ari is pregnant once again.

The 22-carat diamond ring that the No Sucker rapper gave to the socialite at the start of this year is a big clue that it might be Ari in the shot. To now, HITC’s requests for comment from Ari and Moneybagg have gone unanswered.
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Ari Fletcher’s Fans Believe She’s Pregnant After Viral Pic Goes Viral

Is Ari Fletcher Pregnant?

As a result, a Large Number of Followers Now Believe that Ari Was Actually Depicted in Moneybagg’s Discarded Photo. One of Ari’s Fans Commented, “peep the Pinky, It’s Her,” Implying the Woman in The Photo Is Ari. Another User Said, “Ari Pregnant, I’m Pregnant, It’s Just Too Much.
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As I explained a Month Ago, Ari Is Expecting a Child. Someone Who “knows a Pregnant Face when They See One” Posted Their Belief that Ari Is Pregnant. For What Reason Did @money Bagg Yo Remove This Tweet? What the Heck Is Going Onn,” One Concerned Fan Emailed.

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Ari Suggested that He and Moneybagg Were No Longer Together

Is Ari Fletcher Pregnant?

Trouble Has Been Brewing in Ari and Moneybagg’s Relationship Since They Went Public with Their 2019 Engagement. Despite the Difficulties, the Couple Did Have Some Good Points, Such as In 2021 when The Model Gave Her Boyfriend 28.8 Acres of Land in Tennessee. the Rapper Gave His Girlfriend a Lamborghini Urus for Her Birthday a Year Ago.

In a February Interview with Paper Mag, the Couple Talked Discussed Their Relationship in Depth. On August 26 Though, Ari Gave the Impression that She Was Single Again. “I’m Content; I Have a Good Job and A Steady Income, and I’m “I’m Excited About the Future and Ready for Anything,” She Tweeted. To Now, Moneybagg Has Said Nothing About the Reported Split.


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