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‘Inspirational’ And ‘Warm’ Deborah Roberts Announces the Death of Her Dementia-Fighting Sister!

Annette Roberts, Deborah’s older sister, died recently, and she is in grief. As of Tuesday, the ABC News reporter, 61, had posted about her sister’s death on her Facebook page. “A horrible sickness,” Roberts said on Twitter, claimed to be the cause of Annette’s passing.

In a touching tribute to her sister Annette, she wrote, “So very sad to lose my eldest sister, Annette.” In my life, she was a constant source of inspiration and warmth.

The Cause of Her Death.

'Inspirational' and 'Warm' Deborah Roberts Announces the Death of Her Dementia-Fighting Sister.

“Alzheimer’s disease was the cause of her death, as it is for more than 200,000 Americans each year. I pray that one day we will find a treatment for this heinous disease “she threw in another point. Roberts also wrote a lengthy Instagram tribute to her late sister, Annette, in which she spoke about Annette’s life and legacy, as well as the things she loved the most about her.

It’s as if a warm light has gone out in my family, she lamented, as she posed in front of old photos of her sibling. “Annette, my eldest sister, has passed away and will no longer be with us. She battled Alzheimer’s for five to six years before dying to complications that robbed her of all that made her so unique.

This illness drives me crazy.” She said, “Annette was my inspiration as I grew up.” “She was the first person in our family to complete her undergraduate degree. To my eyes, she had the look of a movie star. She’s the one who introduced me to the world of designer clothing. It’s my fault, or she’s to blame.”

The Epitome of Grace and Poise.

'Inspirational' and 'Warm' Deborah Roberts Announces the Death of Her Dementia-Fighting Sister.

Vanity Fair, a high-end clothing store in our town, was where her sister bought “the most exquisite ready-to-wear stuff” while attending Fort Valley State College. Astonishingly beautiful outfits, scarves, and shoes had never before been seen by Roberts. “Annette was the epitome of grace and poise.

For her part, she was a strict adherent to cleanliness and order.” While her husband was stationed in Germany, her sister worked as an account executive and transferred her family to a “wonderful home” in Houston, Texas, which she described as “lovely” in her interview with the journalist.

Roberts, who is married to Today’s Al Roker, writes, “I marveled at her worldliness when she began to travel.” “When we graduated from high school, she even gave every one of us a set of baggage. A little prod, to be sure, but it was a welcome one.” It was “always a bit reserved and held her emotions in check, but she was passionate for her son Justin,” Roberts said. She was completely smitten by Alana, her granddaughter.

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'Inspirational' And 'Warm' Deborah Roberts Announces the Death of Her Dementia-Fighting Sister!

Roberts concluded her tribute to her sister with these heartwarming words: “Annette was a hard-working woman who had a positive outlook on life. I’m pleased that she’s no longer in pain, but I’ll miss her a lot.” On one of their “final visits” together, Roberts posted a snapshot of the two of them hugging on her Instagram Story.

Five months ago, Roberts had to say goodbye to another cherished member of her family with the passing of Annette. Her “kind and compassionate” brother-in-law Lawrence Clarington died unexpectedly in February, the ABC journalist announced on social media.

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