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Infesting New York City Are Swarms of Unlicensed Businesses, Some of Which Sell Infected Cannabis

One study found that in New York City alone, “tens of thousands of illicit cannabis enterprises” are operating out of bodegas, smoke shops, and other storefronts, with many of the pop-up shops selling subpar or even poisonous weed.

The survey was carried out by the New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association in conjunction with the New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association and the Connecticut Medical Cannabis Council, who collectively purchased cannabis products from 20 unlicensed stores that openly advertise selling marijuana and had them tested by an independent lab.

Many items tested positive for harmful bacteria and chemicals like E.
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coli, salmonella, heavy metals, and pesticides. The study discovered that nearly half of the THC products failed at least one of the routine tests given to legal cannabis products and only available at legal medical cannabis clinics.

The poll claims that one store’s gummy bears, marketed as 100 mg of THC, tested at 204.77 mg in the lab. The research indicates that unregulated shops are selling contaminated cannabis.

The survey also found that eight other establishments sold cannabis flowers or other products that tested with a lower level of THC than promised.

Yes they cannabis: Hordes of illegal shops — some selling tainted pot — invade NYC

Concerningly, just half of the stores actually required ID, despite the fact that buying cannabis or THC products is illegal for anybody younger than 21. More states are legalising marijuana for recreational use, and recent research show that use among young adults and teenagers has increased dramatically across the country as a result.

According to the article, every single cannabis flower product and edible would be deemed illegal by the state of New York.
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Equally shocking is the study’s admission that “tens of thousands of criminal cannabis enterprises currently out of bodegas, smoke shops, or other retail sites” are operating legally. In New York City, “the projected number of ‘back room’ unlawful places is just too vast,” the report said.

The health risks of purchasing from illegal cannabis dealers are compounded by the rapid growth of black market stores and mobile trucks that pay lower or no taxes on their products, posing a threat to the newly licenced New York state cannabis operators who are required to follow the rules and pay higher taxes, driving up the price of their products.

Last week, the state handed out 36 retail cannabis sales licences, with 28 going to private businesses and 8 going to nonprofits. However, The Post uncovered unlicensed businesses operating openly around the city, including in otherwise orderly areas like Kew Gardens.

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According to the study’s findings, “these negative actors constitute an obvious hazard that might damage both the nascent sector and the health of New York residents and visitors.”

NYMCIA president Ngiste Abebe called the report’s findings “extremely worrisome” and “highlighting the significant hazards presented by unethical firms acting beyond the law.”

Yes they cannabis: Hordes of illegal shops — some selling tainted pot — invade NYC

New York is accountable for ensuring the wellbeing of its citizens and delivering on the promise of a fair and regulated adult-use market for all. There’s no way either objective not materialise without more rigorous enforcement against bad actors.”

New York for Social and Economic Equity co-founder and cannabis licence applicant Juancarlos Huntt said, “They’re opportunists that are retraumatizing our community and obstructing our potential to develop riches.”

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They are putting toxins into our black and brown neighbourhoods. No amount of money can buy health, and the owners of these smoke shops in New York are ruining the industry with their toxic chemicals. There ought to be an end to them.


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