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A Driver Who Didn’t Stop After Striking Four Children in New York City Pinned Their Mother Under the School Bus

On Wednesday evening, police and witnesses in Brooklyn claimed that a hit-and-runner who allegedly blew through school bus stop signs had struck four children and their mother.

A 41-year-old mother with her infant in a stroller was crossing Avenue J and New York Avenue in Midwood shortly before 5 p.m. when a vehicle crashed into them, police said.

It was horrible, very awful…” according to witness Joanne Johnson’s account in The Post, “the stroller was actually on the ground.” The five victims were all transported to nearby hospitals, where they are currently in stable condition. According to the police, the ages of the kids involved ranged from 1 to 8.

Police and an eyewitness both say that several of the kids were getting off the bus when they were hit. Johnson claims that the woman was begging for aid while pinned under the bus. As a mother, of course, [the mother] was sobbing because she feared for her children’s safety. “So that was quite dramatic,” she concluded.

Soon after the collision, authorities located the unoccupied vehicle and determined that the driver had fled the scene.

There Have Been No Reported Arrests

Hit-and-run driver slams into 4 young kids, pins mom under school bus on NYC street

Johnson, who lives on the same street as the accident, said she heard the White Mercedes coming before it hit the mother and her two young children.

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The white automobile “simply flew past the stop signs,” she claimed. The unfortunate [vehicle] continued on its way without even slowing down.

Hit-and-run driver slams into 4 young kids, pins mom under school bus on NYC street


  • Help me and my kids, my babies!” the lady reportedly yelled.
  • The fearful situation necessitates a quick prayer, and “Oh Jesus,” Johnson added.
  • Concerned neighbour continued, “It was so loud and tense.”

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