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How Do I Get the Free Fire Game From the Game Kharido App 2022?

Garena’s official site for buying diamond top-ups is Game Kharido. When a new player makes their first purchase, the site gives them a bonus of 100%. Other players can get a 10% bonus from Garena’s top-up center.

In-game currencies cost money, and one way to get them is through “top-up” websites. With Game Kharido, it’s easy to buy a top-up, so you can purchase diamonds without waiting.

How Do I Download the Kharido App Apk Game?

To download the Kharido game app, you must acquire the apk.

  • Use this link to visit any third-party stores or access any of them directly.
  • Ensure that you navigate to the Menu Settings and then the Security settings. Click the button that allows you to download programs from untrusted sources.
  • After completing the app store’s verification process and obtaining the app, you must run and install it.

  • Now, you may activate the app, input your Garena Free Fire Gaming ID, and then pay to replenish your diamonds.
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How Do I Get the Free Fire Game From the Game Kharido App 2022?

How Do I Get a Free Copy of Fire Game From the Game Kharido App?

You are unable to download the free hairdo app. The Game Kharido app is where you can get it. However, you can purchase a diamond top-up by logging into the game from there.

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How to Download Pubg Game Form Is There an App for the Game Kharido?

The Game Kharido app does not allow you to download Pubg. You can use it to purchase diamonds for your Free Fire app.

Top Up Game Kharido App/price

Top-ups are priced as follows:

  1. For Rs. 40, you can get 50 diamonds plus a bonus.
  2. For Rs. 100, you can get 100 diamonds plus a bonus.
  3. At Rs.240, you will receive 310 diamonds plus a bonus of the same amount.
  4. For Rs.400, you get 520 diamonds plus a bonus of 520 diamonds.
  5. For Rs.1060, you can get 1060 diamonds plus a bonus of 1060.
  6. For Rs. 1600, you can get 2180 diamonds with the same amount as a bonus.
  7. For the same amount of bonus at Rs. 4000, you can get 5600 diamonds.

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