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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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How to Use the App, Movies, and Games Login and Connect to the Wifi Network

The American Airlines app,, can keep you entertained while you’re on the plane. Movies and TV series are available to stream from the Airline’s library. You don’t have to use your Wi-Fi during the flight. You can instead take advantage of their onboard services.

To see ‘what’s on my flight,’ click on the link, and then go to the Airline Services website to see what entertainment is available on your flight.

How Do I Download the App?

  • The American Airlines app may be downloaded from both the Google Playstore and the Apple AppStore.
  • The app may be found by typing its name into the search field, and it then has to be installed on the machine.
  • From the Google Playstore and Apple AppStore, click the Install or Get button to begin the installation process.

How to Use the App, Movies, and Games Login and Connect to the Wifi Network

What Is the Best Way to Use the App?

A phone, tablet, or laptop can connect to the internet. You may effortlessly watch a movie or a series of your choice once you’ve signed up.

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For mobile phones and tablets

1) Use your mobile data or Wi-Fi to download the American Airflight app before taking off.

2) Activate airplane mode once the app is downloaded and you’re on the plane.

3) Finally, connect your device to the AA-Inflight Wi-Fi network.

4) If you are not immediately redirected, open a browser and type into the address bar.

Regarding the laptop

Connect to the Wi-Fi signal on your laptop, and if you aren’t rerouted, manually type open the website.

How to Use the App, Movies, and Games Login and Connect to the Wifi Network

How Do I View Movies on

You must follow the steps below to watch movies.

  • Select’ view free entertainment’ or the entertainment symbol to access free entertainment on a laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • After that, select your movie or TV show from the provided playlist and begin viewing.

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How Can I Log in to

To use the in-flight login feature, you must first register with them. You must submit your full name, email address, and AAdvantage number for registration. After you’ve chosen it, you’ll need to select a password.

You’ll be able to use your username and password the next time you check-in.
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How Can I Connect to the Wi-fi on

You can connect to the Wi-Fi by activating the Airplane mode and searching for the Wi-Fi.


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