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Homework Spelled Backwards: is It True That Homework Spelled Backwards Means ‘child Abuse’ in Latin?

You may have recently come across the viral claim that the word “homework” spelled backward translates to “child abuse” in Latin. This claim has recently gone viral, with thousands of views on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

Is “krowemoh” a Latin word, or merely a random jumble of letters? Here’s how we verified it.

Exercise Click Restraint

Take a closer look at the YouTube claim. The video is a screen capture of the YouTuber conducting a keyword search and selecting the first result from Urban Dictionary. Automatically clicking on the first result is not a good way to vet information. Instead, practice click restraint, a media literacy skill developed by the Stanford History Education Group.

This is a web-browsing strategy in which you scan search results for better sources before deciding which website to visit. Spending a few extra seconds looking for credible sources is always worthwhile.

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Go Straight to the Source of the Information

There are several definitions for “krowemoh” in Urban Dictionary. The best definition was posted on January 6 by someone with the username Sherli Damelio. The problem with using Urban Dictionary as a source is that anyone on the internet can submit a definition.

For those who are unfamiliar with Urban Dictionary, it is the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s rebellious younger sibling. What are the main distinctions? Instead of using professional editors to define words, Urban Dictionary is entirely crowdsourced. The website also primarily defines slang words and phrases. So, in terms of Latin, is it a reliable source? No.

Homework Spelled Backwards: is It True That Homework Spelled Backwards Means 'child Abuse' in Latin?

Check Out What Other Sources Have to Say

A Google search for this claim turned up numerous articles refuting it, including a fact-check from Snopes. Since the letter W doesn’t exist in Latin, “krowemoh” is unquestionably not a Latin word, claims Snopes.

Finding a Latin dictionary online or using Google Translate are other options for fact-checking this assertion. There were no definitions for “krowemoh” in the Latin dictionary. Additionally, the Latin term for child abuse is entirely different when translated by Google Translate.

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Not Legit. The claim that homework spelled backward in Latin translates to “child abuse” is false.


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