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High on Life Release Date: Release Date is Confirmed?

High on Life was first shown off by Squanch Games at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022, and it immediately rose to the top of the Summer Game Fest’s highlights list. Although the game’s brief introduction trailer didn’t feature much, it did feature some gameplay and Justin Roiland‘s sense of humor. After then, a new gameplay teaser debuted at Gamescom 2022, giving viewers a longer look at what appeared to be an early boss battle complete with profanity-spewing weapons and off-kilter one-liners.

Fans of “comedy shooters” should be anticipating what will come later this year as a complete picture of the game is beginning to take shape. Here is all the information we currently have on High on Life, including release information, trailers, multiplayer, and more.

High on Life : Release Date

For Xbox and PC, High on Life is anticipated to launch on December 13. The studio needs a little more time to fix some lingering bugs, but the game was initially scheduled to premiere in November.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that High on Life is launching on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC via both Steam and the Epic Games Store since it was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022. On Xbox Game Pass, it will also be accessible from the start.

High on Life Release Date (4)

High on Life was revealed as a console launch exclusive, thus it’s likely that it won’t ever be released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Switch. There is a very slim probability that this is a timed exclusivity arrangement, in which case the game would be released on other systems after a predetermined amount of time. But for now, it’s best to assume that the future adventure will only be available to Xbox and PC users.

High on Life : Trailers

Three clips have been shown to us thus far: a gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2022, a behind-the-scenes clip from the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, and behind-the-scenes footage from the Extended Showcase.

The game’s debut trailer, which is just under two minutes long, features lots of gameplay footage, an irreverent sense of humor, and eye-catching visuals. The three-minute Gamescom 2022 gameplay trailer shows us a close-up view of a boss battle from the video game High on Life.

The Gamescom 2022 video is the last item on the list.

This provides us with a rather in-depth look at what seems to be an early-game boss battle, and it appears to be somewhat unpolished. Fortunately, our hands-on experience showed that the game actually plays better than it appears to.

High on Life: Will PS5 and PS4 have High on Life?
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The PS4 or PS5 version of High On Life won’t be released, according to Squanch Games. High On Life is an “Xbox Console Launch Exclusive,” as shown in the announcement trailer. This means that for an unspecified period of time, the new shooter will only be available on Xbox.

High on Life Release Date (5)

Following the release of Trover Saves the Universe in 2019, there is a significant chance High On Life will be released on PlayStation consoles, a platform the studio is familiar with.

High on Life Release Date: High on Life Gameplay

High On Life is an “Action Adventure Comedy Metroidvania First-Person Shooter,” according to Squanch Games. Although it’s a mouthful, that does give us a general idea of what to anticipate. It will entail traveling to colorful and vibrant foreign worlds, encountering bizarre people, and acquiring a variety of bizarre weapons to use as you like.
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The user controls a collection of talking firearms in the first High On Life gameplay, which helps to direct the plot, sets goals, and berates the guns for being squeezed too tightly. Building a friendship with your new favorite gun pal will be critical to your survival. The player’s interaction with the race of weapon-shaped aliens will be crucial.

High on Life Release Date (5)

High On Life is not an open-world shooter; rather, we may anticipate distinct alien worlds serving as stages, each harboring unique difficulties, and loot, along with a cartel boss at the conclusion.

A touch screen with a grid of opponent images classified as bounties may be seen in the trailer’s brief opening scene. Think of this as having a Mega Man-style structure where we may choose the sequence in which we defeat smaller bosses before taking on the main antagonist.

Creator Justin Roiland uses the term “Metroidvania” among others to describe the game in the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, letting us know to expect some backtracking amid the stars and repeated visits to stages to find secret places once new weapons give us the skills we need.

High on Life Release Date: Story 

Now, if we weren’t already sure that this is going to be an odd case, we will be. The plot of High On Life falls squarely into the same genre as Rick and Morty, with space-related elements, strange aliens, science, and a great deal of filthy humor.

The player character has zero prospects and no incentive to get out of bed in the morning. When an alien drug cartel infiltrates Earth and begins to snuff off humans, all of that leisure time is ruined. We saw humans in cages and advertisements for Hyperbong, which allows aliens to experience the high of mankind.

Therefore, we must now form an alliance with a race of sentient firearms and blades, rescue their buddies, become bounty hunters, and hunt down an extraterrestrial drug cartel boss by boss. It is a lot to process. However, we expected nothing less from Justin Roiland and Squanch Games.


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