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Former New York City Police Detective Fatally Murdered on Staten Island; Suspect Arrested

A man has been taken into custody following the fatal stabbing of a former NYPD cop who was there during the fight with his children.

Nicholas Nelson, 37, reportedly got into an altercation with a man at about 8:00 p.m. on a Wednesday while walking down Elizabeth Street with his children.

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He hid his kids in the house, returned to combat the suspect, and was stabbed in the neck.
The medical staff at Richmond University Medical Center later confirmed his death.

Eric Wilson, 26, was arrested on Thursday afternoon and charged with murder, assault, and criminal possession of a firearm. Wilson lived on the same block as the victim. Detectives arrested him during the night.

According to the police, Wilson was the “troubled individual” of the neighborhood, and the murder occurred because of some sort of inane argument.
The guy is suspected of starting the brawl by kicking Nelson’s car door as he and his young children were exiting the vehicle.

The victim and the suspect have never had any kind of disagreement before.
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A dismissal from the force occurred for Nelson in the year 2021.

His relatives and friends were understandably distraught, and they all wanted the world to know who he truly was.
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A loving father and provider, so the story goes, he would do anything for his kids.

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A neighbor remarked, “It’s unfortunate because he has children, and now they have to grow up without a parent.”

Those closest to the victim, including his fiancée and the mother of his two youngest children, praised him as a fantastic parent.

Wilson’s criminal record included seven prior convictions.

Workers at a hotel in Midtown Manhattan that provides shelter for refugees say they are afraid for their safety, according to Eyewitness News. The news was broken by Kristin Thorne.


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