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In New Jersey Jail, a Convicted Murderer Was Handed Arrest Warrants for Three Further Murders.

This Monday, officials from New Jersey presented Sean Lannon with an arrest warrant issued by the southwestern state on charges that he murdered four people in New Mexico in 2021.

According to court filings, Lannon, who is presently detained at the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility in Burlington County, was presented with an arrest warrant in connection with three of the four homicides in New Mexico.

Lannon, 48, of Grants, New Mexico, pled guilty to first-degree murder in the 2021 assassination of his childhood mentor Michael Dabkowski in New Jersey. In accordance with a plea bargain, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison last month.

Now, New Mexico authorities want to bring him back to the state to stand trial for crimes he allegedly committed there before flying to New Jersey and murdering Dabkowski, 66.

In January 2021, Lannon allegedly murdered his estranged wife Jennifer in their Grants, New Mexico residence. He is also suspected of luring Jesten Mata and Matthew Miller to his home on separate occasions and murdering them.

Lannon and his wife met in South Jersey and came to New Mexico several years ago for employment.

By sending a letter to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, New Mexico officials initiated the process of attempting to bring Lannon to their state for trial.

New Mexico has issued a wanted notice for Sean Lannon, who is now in a 10-day quarantine at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, according to a statement released Thursday by Amy Z. Quinn of the state Department of Corrections.

Lannon is under quarantine as a COVID-19 precaution, Quinn added.

“Once the quarantine time is up, he will move into his assigned home, and the extradition process will commence,” she said.

Quinn acknowledged that no extradition request to transport Lannon to New Mexico has been filed.

New Mexico officials handling the three suspected homicides in Grants issued the arrest warrant.

Lannon is suspected of transporting the remains of his estranged wife, Mata, and Miller 80 miles to Albuquerque, where he reportedly murdered a fourth victim, Randall Aposteleon.

In March 2021, police allegedly discovered all four dead in Apostalon’s pickup truck at an Albuquerque airport, and then discovered that Lannon had travelled to the East Coast with his three children the day before.

Authorities say he left the children with family members in New Jersey before embarking on a journey that brought him to Dabkowski’s home in East Greenwich Township on March 8.

In the 1980s, Dabkowski met Lannon and his twin brother via the Big Brothers Big Sisters programme. Authorities said that after Lannon’s arrest, he stated that Dabkowski molested him as a youngster and that he went to the residence to gather photographs of the abuse. There was never any evidence offered in court to substantiate Lannon’s assertions.

In relation to the Grants killings, Lannon is charged with three charges of first-degree murder and six counts of tampering with evidence. The charges of kidnapping with the intent to commit murder that were initially filed in the Mata and Miller cases in 2021 were not included in an amended complaint submitted last November.

In the Albuquerque case, where Lannon is accused with first-degree murder and evidence tampering in Apostalon’s killing, a separate district attorney’s office is in charge.

Quinn stated that the procedure to extradite Lannon from New Jersey to New Mexico may take at least 45 days from the time the request is submitted.

Thursday, Jessica Martinez, a spokesperson for the New Mexico district attorney’s office handling the Grants charges, said that officials are working with their counterparts in Albuquerque to determine the next steps in the extradition of Lannon to New Mexico.

It is unknown where Lannon will ultimately serve his New Jersey term and whatever additional time he may receive if convicted in the New Mexico crimes.

Following his arrest in St. Louis on March 10, 2021, Lannon admitted to all five murders, according to investigators.

As with the Dabkowski case, no evidence has been publicly produced to back his claims regarding the New Mexico victims he allegedly murdered.

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