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Emma Roberts’ Wardrobe Failure after Dolce & Gabbana: the “Pop the Back”!

Emma Roberts, 31, demonstrated in her recent film that nothing in the world of fashion is simple. A wardrobe malfunction occurred when she sat down in the back of a car and the back of her clothing came undone. She was wearing a bright pink sheer sleeveless top with floral motifs all over it and a matching-fitting sequined skirt at the time of the incident.

Before someone behind the camera questioned if she got it into the van alright, Emma could be heard muttering, “Yikes,” in a video clip. It was then that she screamed, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as she sat down. The rear was literally popped.

Their Encouraging and Amusing Responses.

Emma Roberts' Wardrobe Failure after Dolce & Gabbana: the "Pop the Back"!

” Her wide-eyed expression showed she had no idea what had happened, but she had a good sense of humor about it in the post’s description. She wrote, “it’s never as glamorous as it seems.

” With their encouraging and amusing responses, her followers rushed to her defense. “You’re awe-inspiring,” he said. One admirer cried, “Love you!” while another said, “You look so good.” “I love this outfit,” said a third, “and I’m always so attractive,” said a fourth.

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Shout-Out to Stylist and Pal Brit Elkin.

Emma Roberts' Wardrobe Failure after Dolce & Gabbana: the "Pop the Back"!

On Instagram, Emma published a picture of herself wearing an eye-catching bikini with a pink and black pattern. On top of that, she was smiling and drinking what looked like a glass of wine, all while carrying a Dolce & Gabanna wicker bag for $990. Her hair was pulled back and her nails were painted red, and she was wearing sunglasses.

In the message, she included a shout-out to stylist and pal Brit Elkin, as well as champagne and pink heart emojis. However, it’s not entirely obvious what she meant by the phrase “stop it right now.” Similar to her most recent video, the blonde beauty’s followers were eager to congratulate her in the comments area.


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