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Edwards Invites the Governor of New Jersey to Run for Office in Louisiana

According to the New Jersey Globe, a political news website, Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards has urged New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to visit Louisiana and whichever Democrat competes to succeed him next year.

Since Wednesday, Edwards has been in Portland, Maine for the National Governors Association summer meeting. On Sunday, he returns to Baton Rouge.

During the 2023 election cycle, Murphy will lead the Democratic Governors Association or DGA.

“I wouldn’t be governor today except the DGA helped me,” Edwards told the Globe. “Phil Murphy is a dear friend, and he’s well-qualified to lead the DGA.” As a result, I would certainly want him to be part of the campaign to succeed me.”

Louisiana's Democratic governor forced into runoff | The Hill

Edwards predicted the next gubernatorial election would have similar characteristics to those in 2015 and 2019 when he won in strongly conservative states as a moderate pro-gun, anti-abortion Democrat. Edwards told the outlet that he is unconcerned with Murphy’s ideology, which the Globe called “staunch progressive.”

Many Republicans are considering running for governor in 2023, including Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, Attorney General Jeff Landry, and Treasurer John Schroder. Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana may or may not run. Only a few Democrats have been mentioned, including New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno and Norco state Sen.
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Gary Smith.


In addition to the Louisiana contest, Murphy will be asked to assist Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in his bid for reelection.

The summit is attended by governors from 18 states and one territory, including Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and North Dakota.

State monies are being used to pay for Edwards’ travel.


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