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Dua Lipa Break Up? After Two Years Together, Dua Lipa And Anwar Hadid Have Broken Up!

Relationship? Dua Lipa would prefer solitude right now. The “Levitating” singer is putting herself first after breaking up with lover Anwar Hadid in 2021. The Grammy winner Dua is “single and content,” as Vogue writes in her June/July cover story, and she told the magazine, “The next part of my life is about actually being good with being alone.”

The 26-year-old musician and entrepreneur made headlines earlier this year when she dined alone as part of her Service95 concierge service. Dua told Vogue that she was surprised by the number of individuals who said things like, “Oh, Dua went out for dinner on her alone, blah blah, I do this all the time.” But that was a big step for me. I was nervous—like, what am I going to do? I don’t want to be on my phone all the time.

How Long Have They Been Dating Each Other For?

Dua Lipa Break Up?

And I think that’s fantastic if you do it all the time. You must be really confident. Dua Lipa is currently single and has the same attitude as her hit song. In a brief interview for the June/July issue of Vogue, the three-time GRAMMY winner discusses her aspirations for the future. She tells the magazine, “The next chapter of my life is about being totally good with being alone.”

Lipa, now 26 years old, is walking the walk and recording it. Vogue claims that in her newsletter, Service95, she details a romantic meal for one in the Big Apple. “Some people on the internet were like, ‘Oh, Dua went out for dinner on her alone, blah blah, I do this all the time,’ and I think that’s fantastic if you do it all the time.
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You must be extremely confident,” she says. “I was worried, like, what am I going to do?

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What Is the Reason for Their Breakup?

Dua Lipa Break Up?

I don’t want to be on my phone,” she said. And since practice makes perfect, she plans to go to the movies by herself as well. According to Lipa, “I want to know I can just be there for myself, you know?
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It was reported in December 2021 that she and Anwar Hadid, a model and the younger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid, had split up after more than two years of dating.

She had uploaded the final photo she would ever share on Instagram with her ex months before. For what reason? In August of 2021, she will turn 26. Lipa commented, “Going into my 26th-year feeeeelin incredibly loved.” We appreciate all the well-wishes and birthday cards!

Did Yolanda Hadid Play a Role in Anwar and Dua Lipa’s Split?

Dua Lipa Break Up?

Fans Claim that The Hadids’ Notoriously Negative Energy Was a Major Factor in The Split and That the Hadids Were Ultimately Responsible for The End of Dua and Anwar’s Romance. Social Media Users Expressed Concern for Dua Lipa Following the String of Hadid Family Breakups, with Comments Like “Yolanda Is a Toxic Woman, No Wonder the Weeknd Dipped from That Toxic Family.”

People on Social Media Came up With the Perfect Response to Yolanda’s Constant Interference, with One User Writing, “now that Dua and Anwar Broke Up, Can Her, Zayn, and The Weeknd Collab to Diss Yolanda, Please?” Another User Agreed, Writing, “Abel, Dua, and Zayn Collaboration will be the most powerful breakup song ever.”

The contract between Anwar Hadid and Dua Lipa appears to have concluded, prompting one Twitter user to comment, “The #Hadid family plan. Get a PR beard stunt deal and milk it to the finish.”

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Who Is Currently Dating Dua Lipa?

dua lipa break up

All it takes is a kiss! Following a passionate dinner date in New York City on Wednesday, Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah ignited dating rumors. According to images obtained by Daily Mail, the singer-songwriter, 27, and the comedian, 38, were seen having a private supper at Miss Lily’s, a Jamaican eatery in the East Village.

An eyewitness informed the newspaper that “they were quietly sat away from everyone else in the eatery.” They sat closely together during the meal, making it obvious that they liked each other. The informant added that the couple “left together and walked,” pausing occasionally “for extended embraces,” and even “kissing.”

Pictures from the couple’s outing show them sitting close to one another inside the restaurant and then taking a walk afterward. As they walked side by side, talked, and hugged, Trevor Noah seemed to kiss Lipa on the cheek. The pop star, who was born in London, looked natural in a black leather jacket, big blue denim, and kitten heels with leopard print.


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