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Devon and Jesse Break Up: On Tik Tok, Devon Lee Carlson’s Bio Increased the Break Up!

No way, Jose! After seven years of dating, the TikTok couple of Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson ignited divorce rumors. There is a lot of information to be found about the alleged separation.

Fans questioned the relationship status of the social media stars after eagle-eyed followers spotted Devon, 27, erased “Jesse’s girlfriend” from her TikTok account, which now reads, “No bio yet.” As for The Neighbourhood’s 30-year-old lead singer, he has erased all of his Instagram postings and is no longer following anyone.


devon lee and jesse

On top of that, she deleted all of her Instagram images and videos from the Hollywood Bowl in which she and the “Sweater Weather” artist were pictured together.
However, several users stated inquiries about the relationship began far earlier. “I’ve been speculating this ever since Halloween when they didn’t dress up together,” one user commented on a TikTok video wondering who would gain custody of Devon and Jesse’s dog, Marty.

Needless to say, fans were outraged over the speculation. Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson have broken up,” a source tells the New York Post. This pains me more than my parents’ divorce,” one tweet stated. In response to the breakup of Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Rutherford, one person remarked, “Please stop before I weep.”

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First Meet.

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After meeting at a local mall while they were teenagers, these two Californians fell in love. After a brief breakup, they reconciled in 2015 and haven’t been able to be apart again. A combination of their large social media followings and their attention-grabbing personal style led GQ to name them “2019’s most 2019 pair.”

Devon raved to the outlet about her meet-cute with Jesse, saying, “We love clothes so much, it just makes sense that we met at the mall.” According to the couple back then, their clothing is meticulously coordinated so that they look like a picture-perfect duo on camera.

Their Relationship.

devon and jesse

‘Wherever we are, we want to make sure that we seem like we came together,’ Devon said. GQ magazine said at the time that the stylish couple shared a Los Angeles flat. Some social media users, on the other hand, claim to have just bought a house together. The internet pair has been progressively gaining fame over the years. A Marc Jacobs collection was produced in 2021, as was a hat line for Lack of Color in cooperation with Frankie’s Bikinis, and Devon worked on these projects as well.

Everything I wear today is my ideal middle school and high school wardrobe that I don’t think I had the confidence or figure to wear back then, the influencer told V Magazine in an interview. “Well, I guess I did at the moment, but I still felt like a kid. Making my younger self proud, I think it’s more proper for me to wear little dresses and the like now.

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A New Relationship for Jesse Rutherford.

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No One from The Couple Has Addressed the Split Rumors in The Last Few Months, and Their Fans Are Becoming Increasingly Concerned. Most of The Time, They Respond to Carlson’s Tik Tok Videos with Their Thoughts and Observations. People Speculated that Their Breakup Would Occur Before October 2021 Because They Did Not Dress up Together for Halloween.

Tik Tok Videos Declaring that They No Longer Have Faith in Love Have Been Created by A Number of People. Rutherford’s New Girlfriend Is Also the Subject of Scrutiny. It All Started with An Essay Written by Deux Moi. Deux Moi Is an Instagram Account that Reports on Celebrity Sightings and Reports on The Whereabouts of People Who Have Not Been Identified.

Someone Claimed to Have Spotted the Singer with An Unknown Woman in One of These Incidents in The Lower East Side’s Gutter, They Saw the Two, Where He Was Embracing the Girl. According to The Source, She Resembled Carlson, despite the fact that the relationship “seemed newish.” It’s best to take these predictions with a grain of salt. When Rutherford and Carlson freely discuss the rumors of their divorce, nothing can be known for sure.

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