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David Cone and Taja Abitbol Breakup? After Dating for Two Years, They Announced Their Breakup!

Page Six has discovered that former Yankees pitcher David Cone and his longtime girlfriend Taja Abitbol have broken up.
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Abitbol told us exclusively on Monday morning that her relationship with athlete Cone has become “difficult” due to the fact that she and their 10-year-old son Sammy have been living in Florida since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, while Cone has been in New York.

We are unsure of our identity. The state of transportation is currently unsatisfactory. Inconsistently at home, he prefers to be out and about.

She goes on to say, “During baseball season it’s hard for us, and sometimes in the off-season it’s not hard at all. It’s not an easy matter.

Their Breakup

David Cone and Taja Abitbol Breakup?

According to our source, even after they broke up, Cone was “very generous with [Abitbol] financially,” spending “millions on her, buying her mansions, and helping fund her enterprises.” A Staying Together Became an Increasingly Challenging Task For Them. ‘We don’t know [what we are],’ Abitbol said. The current travel condition is unpleasant.

Traveling is a way of life for him. We find it challenging throughout baseball season but occasionally find it easy during the off-season. In a word, it’s complicated.

Despite their breakup, a reliable source claims that David was extremely kind to her former partner Abitbol financially. Over the years, he had invested heavily in her by purchasing her properties and providing financial backing for her business ventures.
Cone was getting a new hip. David had hip replacement surgery on Monday morning, thus he was unable to react, as reported by a representative of Cone’s group. Abitbol appeared to have been absent from the operating room.

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Their Relationship Timeline

David Cone and Taja Abitbol Breakup?

In an interview with The Post, Abitbol revealed that her portrayal of herself and David as “longtime lovers” may have given the idea that the two were still together. She also refuted rumors that she had caused a fire to get on “The Real Housewives of New York City” According to Abitbol, her neighbor, who is suing her in Manhattan Supreme Court for the fire, set it on purpose because of her relationship with Cone.

She told The Post, “This guy wants to sue me because David is a New York legend. He doesn’t deserve this, the poor guy.” Taja, Abitbol’s Upper East Side French-Moroccan restaurant that shuttered in 2007, was where the two first met, and in 2010 they reconnected during a holiday party. There is no wedding between them.

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Now They Are Back Together?

David Cone and Taja Abitbol Breakup?

The 59-year-old color commentator, Cone, had a hip replacement on Monday morning, according to a representative. Abitbol, 50, rushed to New York to be with him during this difficult time. Later, she said, “I have been by his side and he is doing fantastic.”

“His health has improved dramatically.” The restaurant owner made it sound like she and the color commentator were still totally together, calling them “longtime engagees,” in an interview with The Post in which she denied lighting a fire to get on “The Real Housewives of New York City.”


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