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Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Breakup? Stars of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo Recently Announced Their Breakup!

Whatever happened, why did it go wrong? Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, stars of the Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules, recently announced their split after more than ten years of marriage, prompting viewers to wonder what went wrong.

After 12 years of “taking an adventure through life together,” Maloney and her husband Tom decided to divorce in March after she was seen out and about without her wedding ring. There is no bitterness or hostility in response to this conclusion; no one is taking sides. We hold an unwavering respect for one another and value our friendship immensely.

Their Relationship

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney breakup

We shall always love and support one another, no matter how our lives may diverge.
“One day, I opened up to him about how I’d been feeling, saying, “This is how I’ve been feeling, I’m not feeling very joyful.” And then he just sort of stood about doing nothing, “In continuation, she said. “He must have assumed that I would eventually move on from the whole incident. Then, a few weeks later, I made up my mind that I wanted a divorce.”

Maloney added that despite her efforts to remain “optimistic” that everything would work out, she eventually gave in to her emotions, which were having a negative impact on her mental and emotional health. “I didn’t know this was the reason I’ve been feeling so empty and miserable,” she confessed. As the author puts it, “I’ve been bogged down and pouring all of my energy into this relationship, and when my needs aren’t being met, it’s making me feel incredibly unhappy and horrible about myself.”

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Their Breakup

“I wasn’t able to name it yet because I wasn’t able to admit or realize that it could be my relationship,” she continued. “I didn’t want to because, well, I was obviously in love with him and I wanted to be with him. To put it simply, accepting this reality is challenging.” Then, “I genuinely thought that we were going to make it work,” she said. “Together, I thought we had accomplished a great deal. I assumed we had matured together and would continue to do so. In a positive mood, that is.”

Maloney added that while a divorce was a painful decision, she now knows that “separating was the best option and the greatest decision for me and actually for the both of us.” She said that they had “changed and grown apart,” and that they had “maybe” realized that their marriage wasn’t what was best for them. I was literally dying on the inside because I couldn’t bear to continue to torture myself by dwelling on it day and night.

After Breakup

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney breakup

Maloney said that a big shift on Schwartz‘s part would have been necessary to salvage the marriage. “The situation wouldn’t be characterized by a single factor. For this to happen, some kind of awakening or realization is necessary “I asked her to elaborate, and she did. I know you can’t, and don’t really want to, alter a person’s fundamental nature.

Admitting she used to display “I didn’t want to be the cause that our relationship collapsed,” Maloney stated of her own “toxic actions.” I worked hard for it, but it wasn’t instantaneous. That much work would be necessary [on Schwartz’s part].” Schwartz’s representative did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Leave Their House

In June, Katie shared an Instagram snapshot of herself sitting in the empty house she and Tom had shared with a heartfelt statement. The Bravolebrity, despite acknowledging that the parting hurt “a lot,” reflected on the excellent times she had there. It’s hard to put a finger on the feelings and the right words. Putting this chapter to rest is like going to my own funeral.

However, I am still very much alive,” her caption proclaimed. Thank you for allowing me to decorate your home like a scene from a Hallmark movie every Christmas, and thank you for being our home. Unfortunately, I will miss returning to my own house. After their breakup, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz remained friendly.

When Tom and his ex-wife divorced in August, he appeared on Katie’s podcast and bragged that they did a “damn fine job” of it. We’re still friends, but now we give each other space and clear boundaries, he said. We still keep in touch and are good friends.

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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Separated; Have They Moved On?

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney breakup

During Scheana Shay’s August wedding, the co-owner of The Schwartz & Sandy reportedly hooked up with Raquel Leviss, a co-star of VPR. An insider at the time told Us Weekly that they heard “through the grapevine” that “more transpired” between the reality stars and that “apparently there was some heavy drinking involved.” The representatives for Tom and Raquel did not immediately reply to Life & Style’s requests for comment. Katie’s representative “had no response” when asked by Life & Style about Tom and Raquel’s fling when the magazine reached out to them.


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