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Danica Patrick Announces Her Breakup with Aaron Rodgers and That She Is Currently Dating Someone Else!

While living in the jungle with Bear Grylls, Danica Patrick reflected on a former relationship. On this week’s edition of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the 39-year-old former racing car driver appeared to discuss her two-year relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Patrick mentioned her most recent connection, even though she didn’t mention Rodgers by name.

While touring the Moab desert in southwestern Utah, Patrick told Grylls, “I believe we learn the most about ourselves via relationships, but nothing like heartbreak to really put you in the deep end of that.”

Patrick’s Connection with Football Star Aaron Rodgers Ended.

“But I’ve learned a lot, and as broken open as I was on the sad end,

time line of Carter Comstock

I’ve felt so much pleasure in so many more instances and so many more unusual places than I ever had,” she added. Patrick also said that her family and friends have always been supportive of her during her career and after she retired.

“[My father] is usually ecstatic to see how well I’ve done. That includes my mother. Greetings, sister “she said herself. “I’m really lucky to have such a supportive family. You need someone with whom you can come apart, right?” Patrick’s relationship with NFL star Aaron Rodgers ended in July of last year, according to her publicist. In January 2018, they announced that they were dating.

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Danica Patrick’s and Carter Comstock’s Relationship Timeline.
danica-patrick-aaron-rodgers breakup

2021 (early).

Patrick and Comstock were allegedly “set up” by the cofounders of Beam, a health business in which they both invested, according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly in April 2021. A source told Us at the time that “they took their romance slow for four months.”

2021 April.

According to an acquaintance, Patrick introduced her lover on social media in April 2021, the same month they “agreed to be exclusive.” The insider claimed, “She’s really delighted.”

2021 May.

“kisses and aerobics, that’s what I’m talking about.” things for Saturday. Patrick captioned a series of sweet photos from her everyday life with the fresh founders, “followed by waffles.”

2021, September.

Patrick told us he’d want to go down the aisle again in the future. At the moment, she said, “I mean, I adore love.” “I’ve always stated that [and] I’ve always liked love,” says the author.

I like it for other people as well, and… if someone wants to ask me to a wedding, I’ll happily accept since I enjoy weddings. They’re the finest things that have ever happened to me. I’ve always been a romantic.”

Who Is Dating Now Danica Patrick?

She went on to say that the key to open communication in a relationship is “understanding yourself.”


“it’s more reflective of this person’s work before you even met them,” the presenter of the “pretty intense” podcast said. “you know, it’s a pipe dream to think you’ll be able to alter someone. It’s only that… someone needs to desire to change.”

Rodgers, who is presently a guest presenter on Jeopardy!, proposed to actress Shailene Woodley in February. During an interview on the Tamron hall show in march, Patrick spoke about the attributes she seeks in a spouse.

“when you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want,” she remarked, later adding, “but you know what you don’t want, so you know what you want, and so maybe it’s not that they have their work cut out for them, but that they’ll be an exceptionally high-quality person with a lot of boxes to check.”

Following Her Breakup with Rodgers, Patrick Spoke Out.

“it’s not like there are boxes to check; it’s just that I know what I want now and I’m not prepared to compromise, bend as much, right?”

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said the pretty intense podcast presenter and author. Patrick told anchor Tamron hall, “I’m searching for something different in a relationship.”

“I now give permission for the other person to be flawed, and I don’t perceive their defects as much when I have healed, processed, and accepted the imperfections that lie inside myself. … I assess whether someone is a slacker because I don’t allow myself to be a slacker.

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The Reasons Behind Their Breakup.

So now I’m going to see if I can establish a healthy dynamic inside myself by reframing it and doing it more, which is currently resting.


‘ it used to be termed laziness if someone was relaxing, but I’m no longer provoked.”

Patrick explained further, saying, “as a result, the individual is no longer judged in the same way, or I am no longer assessing myself. As you recuperate, you’ll find it much simpler to get along with other people.” Following her split with Rodgers, Patrick spoke out.

“I believe partnerships teach us the most about ourselves,” Patrick told us weekly this week. “however, as broken open as I was on the sad end, I have felt so much joy in so many more instances and in so many more unusual places than I ever had, so it’s like my heart was broken open to both sides of the spectrum.”


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