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HomenewsConsumer Protection Laws Were Broken by a Local Car Dealership.

Consumer Protection Laws Were Broken by a Local Car Dealership.

Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and the Division of Consumer Affairs have said that they have reached a deal with a car dealership in Jersey City that was accused of breaking consumer protection laws.

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According to the news release, Fleet Lease Network, Inc. has settled for $8,777 to end an investigation into claims that it used misleading advertising by not putting the prices of cars on its website and by not sticking to the prices, terms, and/or conditions that it advertised.

As part of the agreement with the Division, Fleet Lease Network, Inc.
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agreed to, among other things:

  • Include and be honest about the prices of the cars it is selling on its website;
  • Include legally required information in all ads;
  • List the total price of a product wherever it is for sale; and
  • Honor all prices, terms, and/or conditions that are advertised for cars.

The settlement was one of six actions that led to fines that added up to more than $260,000.

Some of the things the dealerships are accused of doing wrong are not listing previous accidents, damage, or repairs made to the cars, not honoring the advertised price of a used car, charging excessive vehicle preparation fees that were not itemized or properly disclosed to the customer, not giving a written warranty, not telling the full sale price of a motor vehicle, and misleading advertising.

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In addition to paying civil fines, fees, and costs, the dealerships agreed to stop any unfair or deceptive acts or practices, follow all state and federal laws, and deal with customer complaints.

“In this tough car market, consumers have enough to worry about without car dealerships doing things that are against the law,” said Platkin. “These settlements should show dealers that we will keep working to protect New Jerseyans and make sure the auto market is open and fair.”


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