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Now Accepting Applications for the Year 2023 Historic Preservation Grants for Morris County

Grant applications to the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund for financial support in 2023 are now being accepted. The deadline to submit a grant application is Friday, March 31 at 4:30 p.m.

The two-room, wood-framed Troy Hills Annex, built in 1900, is seen here. It has been given local designation and a Certification of Eligibility for listing on the New Jersey Register. The facility will remain the maintenance office and supply warehouse. A Preservation Plan was completed with the help of a $28,064 grant from 2016. This included an assessment of the building’s systems as well as archaeological digs. (See this link for explanation.)

On January 25 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, you can join a WebEx presentation by the Morris County Office of Planning and Preservation to learn about the application process.

Applicants in Morris County are required to submit a Declaration of Intent by February 28. This can be downloaded by clicking here.

Application Process Open for 2023 Morris County Historic Preservation Funds

In 2003, voters in Morris County approved, by a large margin, allocating tax monies to the programme. As of the year 2022, almost $46,000,000 had been approved by the Morris County Board of County Commissioners to aid in the preservation, restoration, and protection of 122 historic sites in 34 municipalities around Morris County.

A historic resource must be on the State Register or the National Register of Historic Places to be eligible for a matching award. Municipalities, nonprofits that meet certain criteria, and the county government can all apply.

Information on how to obtain an application and where to send it can be found at this link. Email [email protected] or call (973) 829-8138 to reserve your spot for the session on January 25. There will be a chance to discuss the programme and the viability of potential projects, such as:

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Are We Able to Help with My Project?

  • Which types of projects have traditionally received funding, if any?
  • What about cemeteries; are they eligible to participate?
  • Is it necessary to have Construction Documents for building projects?

Why Isn’t My Building in The National or New Jersey Registers?

Application Process Open for 2023 Morris County Historic Preservation Funds

With nearly $46 million pledged to help preserve, protect, and restore 122 historic properties since the first grant was issued in 2003, “this has been an exceptionally successful and well-received programme,” said Commissioner Stephen Shaw, the board liaison to the county Office of Planning and Preservation.

For the 2023 grant applications, the Historic Preservation Program will not require paper submissions unless the Preservation Plans and/or drawings/specs have not been reviewed by the County Consultant. If a site hasn’t already done so, they need to make a video that’s no longer than 10 minutes to submit with their application.

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Contact The Morris County Office of Planning & Preservation, Historic Preservation Program Coordinator Ray Chang, P.P., 30 Schuyler Place, 4th Floor, Morristown, NJ 07963-0900. Write to me at [email protected], or call me at (973) 829-8138.

If your project’s Construction Documents were developed without Program support, you can still submit them for a preliminary review before the March 31, 2023 Grant Application deadline. Completed Construction Documents may also be submitted alongside Construction Grant Applications.


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