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Most Clients Now Have Electricity Again After the Holiday Weekend’s Chilly and Windy Weather

Last week saw a dramatic decrease in temperature in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey, pushing holiday temperatures to well below freezing for the first time in decades. Stormy, windy, and cold conditions in the Arctic were to blame.

According to Jane George, PPL’s Regional Affairs Director, “Winter Storm Elliott was obviously a major storm, and there were certainly a lot of outages.”

Power restored to most customers after cold, windy Christmas weekend

As a result, hundreds of thousands of people in the area went without electricity in the days leading up to Christmas.

“We took the choice to open warming stations throughout our service zone,” George explained, “so that customers who were hit by the storm, could go into our warming stations and receive coffee, get warm, charge their devices, and get out of the cold.”

According to George, crews were out in full force throughout the weekend trying to restore electricity as soon as possible.

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“For the duration of the storm, we had almost 2,000 people working for power companies. They successfully revived over a hundred thousand users “What George had to say.

George reports that on Monday night, crews are attempting to reconnect the final few consumers.

“As of today, there might be just a few limitations, but most of those customers are impacted by the storm have had their full restoration,” George said.

Power restored to most customers after cold, windy Christmas weekend

Both Met-Ed and JCP&L have turned on the lights for their majority of consumers. Since this storm is occurring so early in the season, George suggests we start thinking about layering up now in case the weather becomes colder later in the year.

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“We always advise our clients to be prepared for any unexpected event by stocking an emergency pack. And in that kit, you’ll want to have water, and you’ll want to have prescriptions, and you’ll want to have food, and you’ll also want to remember your pets and make sure that they have food, too “According to George.

In addition, she recommends making sure all electronics are charged before a storm hits. In addition, “use a flashlight instead of a candle, because candles can start fires,” and “we warn our clients who have generators, not to always use them outside so that harmful carbon monoxide emissions don’t come into their home.”


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