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After a Man Was Shot in the Bronx, His Wife Answered the 911 Call as an Agent.

His wife answered the 911 call after a Bronx neighbor shot him.

Dillon St. Clair, 39, was shot in the chest on Monday after arguing with his upstairs neighbor. Their apartment noise caused the dispute.

Juanita Reed St. Clair, the victim’s wife, answered the 911 call.

She answered the call before leaving work. She informed her manager without realizing it was her husband.

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Reed stated, “So I gave it was my spouse. I talked to my hubby an hour or two earlier.”

She discussed Reed picking up food on the way home from work with her husband many hours before he died. Before returning home, the police called.

Reed added, When I got there, I observed the crime scene. I was confused.”

She saw her husband and neighbor fight when she came. Matthew Rushie, 46, faces murder, manslaughter, and weapons charges. After six days, he surrendered to the 49th Precinct Station house. Lawyered suspect.

He’ll attend Tuesday’s Bronx Criminal Court hearing from Rikers Island. Rushie also killed his neighbor. On March 2002, he was conditionally released after 19 months as a weapon persuader.
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He was arrested for rape in 2003 and robbery in 1993.

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He died at Jacobi Medical Center. Rushie’s mother is his landlady and guardian.

Reed St. Clair informed the media that Rushie complained about apartment noise months before.

“We have four sons,” she stated of the complaint. His mother probably has specific sleep patterns. She sleeps and wakes.” While her husband was shopping, he rang their family bell many times.
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When the victim returned, Reed told him what Rushie said, and the suspect and victim spoke.

“It was only a verbal argument,” she stated. Hostility will follow.”

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St Clair had four sons: a 10-year-old, twin 9-year-olds, and a 7-year-old. Reed liked helping people at home.


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