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HomenewsA Man in Florida Has Won a Huge Lottery Prize.

A Man in Florida Has Won a Huge Lottery Prize.

WFLA reports that a Florida man’s luck with the Florida Lottery has made him a millionaire just in time for the new year.

Lottery officials said 50-year-old Bryan Allen, of Pensacola, won the top prize from the Billion Dollar Gold Rush Supreme Scratch-off game: a whopping million!
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He decided to take the $13.2 million he won in a lump sum.

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Allen purchased his ticket at Cumberland Farms on 1405 East Nine Mile Road in Pensacola. In this case, the company will receive a $30,000 commission bonus for selling the winning ticket.

There are four $15 million grand prizes and twenty-four $1 million prizes available in the Billion Dollar Gold Rush Supreme Scratch-off game.

Each ticket to play costs $30. There are only five prizes left, including one $15 million prize, as of Friday, January 6, reporters pointed out.

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Last year was very fortunate for many Floridians. A woman from Florida who won $15 million in the lottery just a few months ago cashed in her ticket. It took a while for another woman to learn that she had won $10 million in Powerball. Don’t forget that last month someone bought a lottery ticket for an unbelievable million!
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