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Gov. Phil Murphy Delivers 2023 State of the State Address and Confirms New Jersey’s Progress

During Tuesday’s State of the State Address at the Assembly Chambers in Trenton, Governor Phil Murphy expressed confidence in the state’s trajectory.

Murphy stated, “We’re stronger and more equitable.” “We are confidently moving forward in the correct direction.”

Republicans are uncertain.

Senate Republican Leader Steven Oroho (R-District 24) stated, “Despite the rosy picture Gov. Murphy is trying to present, the state’s situation is not good.” The situation for New Jersey continues to deteriorate after five years of the Murphy administration and two decades of legislative dominance by Democrats.

In the address, which marked the first in-person State of the State address since January 2020, Murphy emphasised achievements from the previous five years.

With better affordability for more families, businesses and industries, and opportunities and careers that did not exist in our state only a few short years ago, New Jersey is truly becoming the land of opportunity, according to Governor Murphy.

Assembly Republican Leader John DiMaio (R – District 23) stated that many residents just cannot pay the state.

Following his talk, DiMaio stated, “Each year, the cost of living increases, primarily due to excessive taxation.”

Oroho stated, “The budget process is out of control.”

Murphy announced that the application period for ANCHOR Property Tax Relief has been extended by one month, to February 28.

“For over a million households, ANCHOR’s direct relief would virtually cancel years of property tax rises, even up to a decade’s worth,” stated Murphy.

Some homeowners and renters who have applied for ANCHOR have not yet received their checks, said to DiMaio.

Frankly, that is intolerable, said DiMaio.

He continued, “As usual, the governor and Democrats are more concerned with defending and growing government programmes than with safeguarding your money.”

Michele Siekerka, president and chief executive officer of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, stated that the ANCHOR programme did not do enough for businesses.

“It must be reiterated that New Jersey firms were not eligible for this help, despite paying roughly half of the state’s property taxes,” Siekerka said in a statement following the speech.

DiMaio thinks that lowering the corporate tax rate in New Jersey will benefit numerous business owners.

Murphy added that his government has worked to combat the rise in auto thefts throughout the state. He stated that the State Police’s Auto Theft Task Force has been expanded and that $10 million from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be utilised to purchase and instal automated licence plate recognition technology for local police to track and trace stolen vehicles.

He urged Congress to pass additional steps to combat auto theft.

Murphy stated, “If you deliver these bills to my desk, I will happily sign them.”

Murphy also emphasised New Jersey legislation that encourages gun safety and actions taken to address the opioid epidemic, both of which will save lives.

Noting that restaurants were among the New Jersey companies hardest damaged by the COVID-19 outbreak, Phil Murphy is requesting that lawmakers modify “antiquated” liquor licence regulations and eliminate outmoded licencing and operating restrictions on breweries and distilleries. Here you can view the proposal.

“Increasing the amount of accessible liquor licences would not only assist maintain the health of our favourite local businesses but also our economy,” Murphy told lawmakers. “Furthermore, I beg you to join me in eliminating obsolete licencing and operating limitations on our artisan breweries, distilleries, and wineries, which are experiencing nothing short of a true renaissance.”

The New Jersey League of Municipalities concurs and expresses its eagerness to join in the process.

“Since Franklin Roosevelt was president, society has changed dramatically, and New Jersey’s authority to grant liquor licences must join the long list of beneficial developments,” said League President and Millstone Borough Mayor Raymond S.

Heck in a statement. “A vestige of the 1930s’ post-prohibition reforms, New Jersey’s process for obtaining a liquor licence has been severely broken for decades, and we appreciate Governor Murphy’s initiative to fix it.”

Murphy has also proposed a new Boardwalk Fund to assist Shore municipalities in making necessary improvements.

Murphy stated that our boardwalks are more than just places for recreation and exercise. “They are more than just a connection between a parking lot and the beach. They are wooden Main Streets that in many ways define their communities and contribute to their economy as much as the beach and sea.

Murphy claimed that the 2026 World Cup will be held in North America, including games at MetLife Stadium. He stated, “There is a serious possibility that we may host the championship match here.”


He reported seeing Jersey Pride all around the state once more.

“We’ve always had confidence. In the past, it was our primary line of defence against insults and jokes. However, no longer,” Murphy stated. It is acceptable to admit that again being from New Jersey is cool.

The perspective of Oroho is somewhat similar, though distinct.

He stated, “New Jersey has always been a fantastic place to visit.” However, if the governor follows the Republican ideas, the event will be even cooler.

Here you can read the State of the State address in its entirety.


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