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HomenewsAfter 7 Years, Trevor Noah Leaves "the Daily Show."

After 7 Years, Trevor Noah Leaves “the Daily Show.”

Trevor Noah’s final episode of “The Daily Show” after seven years on the show was filled with jokes about Kanye West, the presidential election of 2016, and the COVID-19 epidemic.

In 2015, he took over the show from Jon Stewart, who had been hosting it for the previous 16 years. According to a report in The Guardian, Noah, who has since moved to South Africa, has stated that he became aware of “The Daily Show” through his viewing of CNN for the very first time.

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In addition to that, he presumed that Stewart was a floundering anchor. Noah’s mother was a member of the Black Xhosa people, which are the second-largest racial group in Southern Africa. Noah’s father was a white Swiss.

“When I started this show, I had three clear goals,” he was quoted as saying during his final episode of the show on Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m going to make sure that Hillary gets elected.

After 7 Years, Trevor Noah Leaves "the Daily Show."

I’m going to make sure that I prevent a global pandemic from starting. And I’m going to become best friends with Kanye West.”

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In the final show, Noah hosted comedian Neal Brennan and bid goodbye to a number of correspondents who had worked with him over the years.

When they first spoke, Brennan advised Noah to leave the country because “America does not tolerate people on TV who have accents.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, just before he stepped down as host of “The Daily Show,” Noah stated that during his time in that role, he had the opportunity to gain three important life lessons: “never forget that context matters,” “never forget how much context matters,” and “politics is an invented way to solve issues.”

In addition to this, he said, “Please don’t forget that the world is a friendlier place online and that the news will make you think.”

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The Guardian noted that Noah was able to make The Daily Show his own during his time there, creating an atmosphere that was appealing to younger audiences with brief web clips, gags that were heavy on digital culture, and references that were founded in Noah’s experience.


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