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The N.j. This Man is Going to Jail for Selling Pesticides That He Falsely Promised Would Eradicate the Covid Virus.

A businessman from Burlington County, New Jersey, gets five years in jail Thursday for defrauding federal agencies and local police and fire departments out of $2.7 million by selling chemicals he falsely claimed would kill the coronavirus.

The United States said in June that 63-year-old Maple Shade resident Paul Andrecola had pled guilty to one count each of selling an unregistered pesticide, wire fraud, and submitting false representations to the government. Office of the New Jersey State Attorney.

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U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger said in a statement that “Paul Andrecola’s fraud capitalized on the worries of the American people during the peak of concerns regarding the transmission of COVID-19.”

Our office’s mission is to prevent fraud that endangers the public’s health and to hold offenders accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Federal prosecutors have stated that before making claims that their pesticides will eliminate specific infections, pesticide manufacturers must receive approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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In March of 2020, as cases of COVID-19 rose, the EPA produced a list of antiviral products.

The office claims that Andrecola, through businesses he owned in Mount Laurel, produced a variety of disinfectants under the GCLEAN brand name, including wipes and liquids.

Andreola fraudulently advertised his disinfectants as having been approved by the EPA to kill the coronavirus by using the registration numbers of another company.
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He made over 150 sales of the unregistered pesticides using bogus claims to various buyers, including a police department in Delaware, a fire department in Virginia, a medical facility in Georgia, a Wisconsin school system, and the United States government.

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Marshals, the National Forest Service, and the United States Air Force Base at Moody, Georgia. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

According to EPA New Jersey Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent in Charge Tyler Amon, this is the largest countrywide epidemic fraud case involving the sale of unlicensed pesticides.

Federal prosecutors have stated that in addition to his prison sentence, Andrecola would also be required to make full restitution for all losses that came from his actions.
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