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HomenewsPennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware: What Are Your Favourite Holiday Films?

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware: What Are Your Favourite Holiday Films?

Which movie do you watch over and over again once the holidays roll around?

According to Google Trends, it is now possible to watch the Christmas movies that have been the most popular in each state.

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Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey agree that “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is the most well-liked movie currently playing in theatres in their respective states.

In point of fact, over eighty percent of people around the country select this alternative as their first choice.

“The Shop Around the Corner” is widely regarded as the state of Delaware’s choice for the top Christmas film. That was the name of a movie released in 1940 and featured Jimmy Stewart as the lead actor.
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It’s about two people who work together who hate each other but end up falling in love with each other thanks to a secret pen pal relationship they have going on between them.

On the list you’ll also find a number of other well-known films, such as “Die Hard” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


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