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New Jersey’s Attorney General Lays out Legal Safeguards for Clinics and Patients Seeking Abortions

New Jersey released guidelines on abortion rights in the Garden State on Wednesday, more than five months after the U.S. Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, according to Attorney General Matthew Platkin.

The state’s Division of Consumer Affairs and the so-called “Attorney General’s Reproductive Rights Strike Force” have released three documents that detail the state’s safeguards for abortion access, medical professionals’ rights, and patients’ privacy.

In a letter to licencing boards, Governor Phil Murphy explains that medical professionals who deliver abortions cannot be sanctioned and that boards cannot assist other jurisdictions in investigating doctors who perform abortions.

Attorney General outlines abortion protections for doctors, women in N.J.


Another paper released on Wednesday was delivered to health care professionals with advice on how they can protect the privacy of those seeking abortion services, expanding on the state’s attempts to aid people travelling from other parts of the country to New Jersey to get abortions.

The final document, a notice from the Division of Consumer Affairs, informs people about crisis pregnancy centres, which are organisations that try to dissuade people from obtaining abortion services by giving them misleading or incorrect information.

Attorney General Platkin’s efforts to protect women’s access to reproductive health care in New York are much appreciated, as Murphy remarked. New Jersey will become a safe haven for women seeking reproductive health care if its professionals and patients are protected.

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In June 2022, one week after the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which ruled that the right to an abortion is not protected by the U.S. Constitution, the Democratic governor of New Jersey signed legislation establishing protections for patients and providers in the state. Due to the ruling, abortion policies are now determined at the state level.

Attorney General outlines abortion protections for doctors, women in N.J.

A month after it was first proposed, Platkin’s office launched the Reproductive Rights Strike Force. Platkin stated, “Under Governor Murphy’s leadership, our State is deeply dedicated to safeguarding the rights of people who offer and receive reproductive services, and our office will continue to use every possible resource to defend access to abortion care here in New Jersey.”

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To ensure that women in need of abortion services in New Jersey have unhindered access, “the steps we are announcing today will offer crucial information to patients and health care professionals.”

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