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Like Out of a Disney Film, a Lost Dog in New Hampshire Befriends a Fox After Several Days.

Editor’s note: This item was written by a Townsquare Media Northern New England contributor.

Adorable brown puppy Saban was in unfamiliar territory.

Puerto Rican Saban was transported to Massachusetts. The dog was adopted the same day, picked up from the shelter, and taken to Manchester, New Hampshire, to visit family. New England’s lower temperatures barely acclimatized her.

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A mishap occurred.

According to the Granite State Dog Recovery Facebook page, Saban was so afraid she rolled and “took off running like a bolt of lightning” when the family brought her out of her box. She bolted with her leash.

Her family failed to find her. They returned to Maine, three hours away, hoping for the best.

The puppy disappeared after 16 days of posters.

GSR started searching for Saban and begging for aid.

Imagine a fearful and lonely puppy surviving traffic lights, automobiles and buses, train tracks, Manchester’s enormous city, and strange woods.

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Manchester Animal Control Officers John and Kayla also searched.

Manchester NH Massage’s Heather caught a tiny puppy and fox socializing at 3 am on her company video cam. She informed GSDR, who determined to catch Saban.
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After waiting an hour, Saban entered the cage to receive food. Saban was freed by GSDR when the cage door opened.

She came out of the cage, grabbed a toy, hopped up on the couch, and gave kisses after the team took her back to their Hooksett, NH shelter.

The new owner received a collar, leash, name tag, kennel, and safety instructions for her new pup.

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If all goes well, the fox and hound (or mixed breed pup) won’t meet again. Saban’s first days in America were exciting and ended well.
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