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Adele’s Vegas Residency Announced a “incredible” Line-Up for A Hyde Park Event!

Some of Adele’s followers are disappointed by her most recent announcement of a concert tour. As reported by the official British Summer Time Hyde Park website, the singer of “Easy On Me” announced the roster for her upcoming London gigs at Hyde Park on Thursday via Instagram.

Includes Performers Including Mahalia.

Adele's Vegas residency announced a "incredible" line-up for a Hyde Park event.

The line-up includes performers including Mahalia, an alternative R&B singer; Grammy-nominated Tiana Major9; Gabrielle, a British soul-pop singer; and Kacey Musgraves, a country-pop vocalist. Fans will be “blown away” by the “all-female bill,” according to Adele. A slew of her bandmates would be on hand to play throughout the day, Adele teased in the photo’s caption.

It’s going to be so much fun to perform on stage with all of you. However, several fans expressed their displeasure in the Instagram comments area because Adele is promoting the Hyde Park gigs and has not commented on the status of her Las Vegas residency. In January, “Weekends with Adele” had to be rescheduled because of production issues relating to COVID-19.

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What Are the-public performances?

Adele's Vegas residency announced a "incredible" line-up for a Hyde Park event.

“What are you talking about?” In a tweet, @bianca darcy expressed her thoughts. …and yet you haven’t spoken about Vegas?… “You’ve let me down,” I say. “It’s been months, and there hasn’t been any news!” @Oscarina wrote about it. What time of year is Vegas in full swing?!” @natalie.glez chimed in with her thoughts. When are the residence dates? Comment by @whoisjacobb.Adele’s official website had no updated information about the residency as of the time of publication. Adele cancels her Las Vegas residency one day before her debut gig, saying, “I’m gutted.”

On January 21, Adele began her first open-to-the-public performances since the release of her fourth studio album, “30,” with a series of concerts in Las Vegas that lasted through April. The last-minute cancellation, made one day before the residency was to begin, left the British pop diva “gutted,” she added. Those who purchased tickets for the rescheduled show are still stuck in limbo. Unless the concerts are officially canceled or postponed, anyone who purchased tickets from third-party dealers will be unable to request refunds under company policy. Because no new dates have been published, resale is out of the question.

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The Cost of Travel and Hotel in Las Vegas.

Adele's Vegas residency announced a "incredible" line-up for a Hyde Park event.

To add insult to injury is the cost of travel and hotel in Las Vegas, which may run into the tens of thousands. On “The Graham Norton Show” in February, Adele said that her Vegas residency has been postponed because of a scheduling conflict. Adele admitted to hosting Graham Norton that she gave it her all and said she tried her utmost. We all knew this was going to happen, but I didn’t expect it to be so last-minute. I now regret continuing with it until it was that late in the day. In the end, Adele claimed she was confident in her decision to postpone her gigs rather than perform a reduced version that she wasn’t happy with.

Many onlookers believe Adele “doesn’t want to be doing this” when she performs onstage. For the record, “I’ve never done anything like that in my life, and I’m not going to begin now.” Rescheduled times for Adele’s residency have not yet been announced, but she assured Norton that it will “definitely (be) happening this year.” To rejuvenate and extend her family, she plans to take a break after the release of her latest album, “30.” When it comes to Katy Perry’s Las Vegas residency, she says, “I don’t have to prove anything.” Aerosmith’s Las Vegas engagement has been canceled due to Steven Tyler’s readmission to rehab.


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